“Discomfort” in the direction of ERC by the continuous output of Ruffin’s vocals


Aragon has had to twice reject its spokesperson in Congress in recent months and the party has been speculating about what their future will hold.

ERC spokesperson in Congress.

After many years of making its irreversible action profitable, the ERC begins to consider continuous explosions. Gabriel RuffinHis spokesman in Congress, which Pere Aragons has had to reject twice in the past three months for his unfiltered attacks carles puigdemont,

The last of these disagreements occurred in parliament on Wednesday, when, during the control session, the president of the Generalitat had to distance himself from the loose rhyme of the ERC, which had called the fugitives a fool to unilaterally declare independence in 2017 .

I disagree and in no case share these words. Reforms will be made, said the head of the Catalan executive. The party machinery also turned against Ruffin. If we make a mistake, we correct it, the Republican general secretary said, Martha RoviraSince his escape in Geneva.

Immediately, the spokesperson of the party in the lower house was forced to go back and admit his mistake for making some very unfortunate statements.

The point is that it rains, because a precedent is too close. This happened on March 15, when Ruffin accused Puigdemont and his allies of believing they were James Bond belonging to Russian platoons in order to promote the separatist process. As well as being requested by the Vice President of the Government on that occasion, Aragon was forced to fulfill the views of his party ally, Jordi Puignerwhich I personally transferred President His unease over some of the statements supporting revelations about relations between Puigdemont and the Kremlin were investigated by the European Parliament.

There was a third more recent crisis, this time splatter GeneralERC’s preferred participant in parliament, as evidence that Aragon relied on the Catalan brand of Podemos to approve the budget or that it approved the decree to disobey the law on immersion and the 25% rule. It is also counted on its assistance for

Two weeks ago, Ruffin asked for a spokesperson. General in Congress, jam essenceso much as to stop going to Waterloo, which led to deep anger in the formation there is colau And under the direction of the Republicans, the mayor of Barcelona is obsessed with cementing ties with the party after verifying that he would not be able to count on the CUP’s support for the remaining three years of the legislature.

The ERC management has made Rufin aware of his troubles and demanded that he rein in his vocabulary in the few months that are particularly decisive for his political career. oriole junquera He is determined to make him the party’s candidate for the city of Santa Coloma de Gramenat and, in turn, to become the party’s candidate again in the next general elections and potentially to be able to live halfway between Catalonia and Madrid. demands demand.

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