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“If we can’t protect Earth, you can bet we’ll at least avenge it,” is one of the quintessential Avengers’ most famous phrases, iron Man, What if they told you that you could be a part of those Avengers? marvel avengers campus be the first base of the Avengers in Europe and is part of the largest and most ambitious transformation and expansion Parque Walt Disney Studios since its inauguration. count on heroic encounters with superhero marvelTwo attractions full of action, themed shops and restaurants, acrobatics, jumping, pirates…

marvel avengers campus open its doors Disneyland Paras Next July 20, 2022, the theme park’s biggest stake for years and with an important mission: “Give visitors a chance to connect with the team superheroes Most powerful on earth and thus create your epic story.

because that’s the purpose Disneythat each visitor creates his own story, this time his own story the Avengers, to do this, Walt Disney ImagineersFrom Paris and the rest of the world, working side by side with the teams that have brought films, television series and comics to life the Avengers, Together they have created and created an entirely new space within the multiverse. miracle,

Simulation of one of the new experiences at Disneyland Paris.Disneyland PARS

imagine being able to help Spider Man On a mission where you’ll shoot cobwebs with your wrist, saving the universe at full speed iron Man You captain marvelwill train with you okoye And this Dora Milajevs a Kali Mai fight against the forces of evil, you will dance with him Guardians of the Galaxy… ultimately, the goal of Disneyland Paras With dozens of activities to turn visitors into authentic Avengers recruits. From fearless charm to the possibility of wearing a real suit the Avengers,

one of the great features of avengers campus from Disneyland Paras the attraction is Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, In this high-speed roller coaster, “recruits” will work together with captain marvel and matchless iron Man, Recruits will receive instructions iron ManEquipped with new Mark 80 armor, specially designed for their mission avengers campus, then team up iron Man You captain marvel On this high-speed mission, launch and fly through space in a specially designed vehicle stark To remove any danger from planet earth.

Other Star Attractions avengers campus es spider man web adventure, A new generation enchantment in which recruits of all ages will gain super powers that allow them to shoot webs, thanks to an innovative technology created specifically for this enchantment.

La Atracine Avengers Assemble: Flight ForceDisneyland PARS

Thanks to an innovative technology specially designed to recognize all body movements and gestures, recruits will extend their arms and be able to launch cobwebs from their wrists as if Spider Man, as vehicles web slinger advance and the mission continues, spider-bots It will be more difficult to catch them and they will not stop multiplying. Once the mission is complete, recruits will know how many spider-bots Have managed to catch them from their vehicles. Family picnics are guaranteed, as is already the case with other attractions in the park, such as the Buzz Lightyears.

and as always happens DisneyThe magic will not only be in the charm or touch your superhero will be able to touch, but in everything. From dining to food, with a new restaurant entirely dedicated the Avengersor in their stores, where the technology on occasion Web & Tech Will make it possible for recruits to exchange their powers with their favorite Super Heroes: Spider-Man’s electrodynamic webs, Spider-Man’s repulsive explosions, iron Man or the mysterious contraption of Doctor Strange,

But all this is the face of perhaps the most ‘heavy’ bet of recent times in the Disney universe. The other side is the hundreds of workers and teams that have made this possible.

One of the new restaurants in the Marvel area of ​​Disneyland Paris.Disneyland PARS

In it marvel avengers campus More than 450 people will work. Future campus personnel has already received or is receiving extensive training to play an important role at the heart of this parallel dimension of the multiverse miracle, They will be in charge of training the ‘recruits’ for the work missions they will face campus And thus ensure that everyone lives an epic adventure life. the goal is that two-thirds 450 employees This new land has an indefinite contract, and 70% of them are cast members Those who are already working in other positions in the resort.

In addition, the opening of marvel avengers campus be a unique opportunity to 16,000 Cast Members Those who already work in the park receive special training on the universe miracle, It begins with a look back at 80 years of the history of Amar Yatra miracleAnd thus get a deeper understanding of the characters and everything that surrounds this franchise.

In addition to theoretical training, campus personnel As new recruits begin recruiting they receive practical, interactive and playful training on missions and stories. superheroes In this marvel avengers campus, Whether they work on rides, in stores, at restaurants or at entertainment shows, they will play an important role.

Also, the work of teams Walt Disney Imagineering who have been working side by side with visual development artists for months marvel studios To create a new and completely exclusive story. “None of this would have been possible without the close cooperation between the Volto Disney Imagineering You miracle throughout the creative, design and production process of this new land”, they affirm Disneyland Paras, “True… I’m Iron Man”few words Tony Stark,

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