Doctors’ strike continues in Madrid despite health offers to make 1600 professionals permanent


Despite the “minimal abusive services”, the follow-up to the strike is 9.7%, according to the organisers, which is a “very high” figure.

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The indefinite strike of doctors in Madrid’s hospitals continues despite agreements with the Ministry of Health and representations by unions at the regional table—except for Amits— Fix for 1,600 pros through competition of merit. Organizers of the protest believe the measure is “inadequate” because “it does not cover thousands of temporary doctors.”

The proposal made this Tuesday by Enrique Ruiz Escudero Department includes “Maximum possible number of squares” In this extraordinary process that the Law 20/2021 on Immediate Measures for the Reduction of Temporality in Public Employment allows”, as explained by his team. Applicants will not have to pass an opposition test, but have their experience assessed and its constitution, a measure which has been accepted by the CCOO, UGT, Csit and Satse.

“We have called the strike committee insufficient agreement and we urge the health minister to meet with us for talks,” the coordinators responded in a statement. demand A “real solution” To a protest, he says, doctors themselves do not want and they promote to “protect” the public health system and its patients.

The community of Madrid has encrypted 9.7% Follow-up During the indefinite dharna that began at 8 am on Tuesday. At EMITS they consider this a “very high figure despite outrageous minimum services that preclude the right to strike” and that they reach 100% in units deemed “important and urgent”.

Hundreds of doctors who have been absent from their workstations gathered in front of the Madrid assembly this afternoon with the slogans “We care for you, we are abused” and “Professional dignity, stability now”. Of the 12,000 physicians currently working in hospitals in the region, 52% have temporary contractsAn average that rises to 85% in case of emergencies.

At the Ministry of Health they explain that, after all procedures are resolved and the places approved by the qualifying competition this Tuesday, the provisional rate of Madrid Health Service will have been reduced by 40% and aims to 83 percent permanent posts. In addition, they pledge to “convene a competition for the transfer of medical staff whenever the status of essential specialties is outlined in centers where the complexity of care is required.”

strike, which does not affect primary careMadrid-MUD’s non-fixed doctors and the FEA platform, convened by the group SomosArgencias Somosuno and Emits.

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