Dolores Delgado ignores Supreme Court and again promotes concerned prosecutor who vetos court for lack of course


The Attorney General once again promoted Eduardo Esteban as Prosecutor of the Juvenile Coordinating Room, despite the fact that the TS revoked his appointment and effected the lack of a juvenile course.

Dolores Delgado, during an act in the Justice City of Murcia in January.
Dolores Delgado, during an act in the Justice City of Murcia in January.tacticalEFE
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Attorney General of the State, Dolores Delgado, has once again promoted prosecutor Eduardo Esteban to prosecutor of the Juvenile Coordinating Chamber, despite the fact that the Supreme Court quashed his appointment in two sentences, questioning his appointment policy in favor of his old association went, Progressive Union of Prosecutors (UPF),

As published in the Official State Gazette, the state’s Attorney General on May 5 drafted a new promotion proposal for the first category of Mr. Edward Stephen As prosecutor of the Coordinating Chamber of Minors of the Office of the State Attorney General.

The appointment was approved in the Council of Ministers yesterday. “On the proposal of the Minister of Justice, prepared by the State Attorney General, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 41.1 and 36.1 of Law 50/1981 of 30 December, which governs the organic statute of the prosecutor’s office, and 31 May , After deliberations by the Council of Ministers at its meeting on 2022, I have come to promote Mr. Eduardo Esteban Rincon in the first category of prosecutor’s career, who will hold the position of Chamber Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Children’s Chamber of State Attorney General. Office “, reads Royal Decree 417/2022 of 31 May.

In its sentences, the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court affirmed the “great difference between a professional career” between Delgado Esteban and the second candidate, the Chamber’s prosecutor, José Miguel de la Rosa. The High Court held that Eduardo Esteban’s relationship with the case of minors was “sporadic and minimal”, prosecutor de la Rosa Cortina “made the case the focus of his professional life.” The TS magistrates insisted that “these circumstances cannot be ignored” as “there is a difference between the two candidates which is so striking that it leads to the rejection of the Attorney General for the appointment of a UPF Prosecutor”.

The proposals argued that discretion in appointments operates only under similar curricular conditions, that is, those with similar qualifications and capabilities. “If Eduardo Esteban Rincón, even in matters of minors, had competed for the position with another candidate of similar qualifications in his and a fairly comparable professional career, we could understand that the offer would have been given the standard of motivation in the context of those reasons. Satisfies those who justify the election of the minor coordinator.

The Supreme Court ordered the Attorney General to submit a “fresh proposal” for appointments “in the conditions required in this decision”. High Court sources explained to EL Mundo that the difference in course between the candidates was “so small” that the sentence would have only left de la Rosa in the attorney general’s room to appoint him as juvenile court prosecutor.

The Attorney General, on the other hand, defied the High Court’s norms and re-appointed the prosecutor in this case with lesser qualifications and competence.

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