Domingo Villar passes away, psychologist, author of musical and nostalgic black novels


Leo Caldas, the author of the series, was 51 years old and suffered a brain stroke in his hometown of Vigos

Domingo Villar.
Domingo Villar.Xavi Martinez
  • ‘the last ship’ “The world tells us to be fantastic in certain characters”
  • ‘Some Tales Collected’ “There are people who bring wine to dinner. I bring stories”

in 712 pages of last boat (Ciruella, 2019), the novel that sparked Domingo Villar’s fame, was 30 or 40 lines, at most dedicated to evil, to explain the dire and deplorable circumstances of that good girl’s killer, but with a somewhat bohemian life that vanished in the book’s front pages. Contrary to the unwritten norm of criminal style, Villar was not interested in evil, let alone violence, but in good. It will be said that Leo Caldas, the detective from last boat and two other novels, do not address the motives of the crime but I inquired to the bottom of the goodness of all false convicts To put himself ahead of him in investigation. His method appears to have involved trusting people, with all their contradictions, until one of them lived up to that belief and was found guilty.

Domingo Villar died in his hometown of Vigo, aged 51, of a cerebral stroke, and in the grief of his death, it is tempting to think that that way of approaching the criminal novel was an expression of a very deep moral sense, Everything around the plot, so logically exposed, was almost a second lesson of Machaadian goodness: parents and children, longing for friends and love, nights looking at the stars, inertia and civility … Villar. More Markaris than Sjwall and Wahl, more psychological crime novels than political, for us to understand,

The first origins of Willer’s literature were in his father, a character who would appear in any conversation he had with his son. The man, a Galician vintner who was the apparent model of Leo Caldas’ father in the novels, was an amateur writer, a writer of couplets for the holidays and, perhaps (this description would be difficult to confirm) of the popular stories that he did. The important thing on paper for personal pleasure is that Domingo Villar used to say that he inherited a very simple and pleasant idea of ​​literature from that dreamer: that of the fairy tale. Before a bottle of wine, some friends and fire, There is little consolation considering that the last book published in Villar’s lifetime, some collected stories (Ciruella, with a depiction of Carlos Bonza) is the one who comes closest to that memory of the oral story in festive form.

“There are people who bring wine when I’m invited to dinner and I bring stories,” explained Villar in El Mundo after publication. some collected stories, In the preface to that collection, the author Vigas explained the second key to his literature: his musicality, “I read my texts to my father, but he died and I had to seek other penances. I was not so much looking for his approval as listening to myself because I firmly believed in the verbal value of the texts . When I think I write well, it’s always for the sake of music, not purely literary.“, Willer explained in this interview.

And he continued: “Galician and Spanish have a very special sound as spoken in Galicia, they are more eclectic. I believe that the speech that is heard in Galicia, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian are the sweetest forms that exist, at least in the Latin family. And that’s an advantage when you write, but it’s also a danger, because it’s easy to think that your texts are much better than they actually are. It’s like believing that a good melody makes a good song lyrics,

The context of Galici’s speech is the thread that allows us to finish weaving the portrait of Domingo Villar from his books. Villar, a Vigas who spent almost his entire adult life in Madrid, supposedly happily, and worked in a private company until it was published sinking beach (2009), dedicated a commissioned story only to the capital. Everything else was the origin of the Vigo estuaryIts sound and its people.

“The idea of ​​the Galician as an anthropologically complex creature is …”, explained Willer in these pages. “It’s a kunkiro phrase, it refers to Galician’s mix of credibility and distrust, The interrogation of my police novels, which is the impossible interrogation, is made up of infinite questions. It entertains me.”

It was a wonderful experience talking with Villar, filled with unforgettable phrases: “I like to compare black novels Samba in PreludeWhich is a love song by Vinicius de Moraes,” explained Villar in another interview with EL Mundo. Samba in Prelude First he appears, sings her tune, then a woman’s voice comes and sings another tune and Then the two voices join the chorus, This is what happens in crime novels: you have one story in the past, which is a crime, and another in the present, which is investigation, and there comes a moment when the two stories come together. I worked with luthiers for this novel [El ltimo barco] And I’ve felt something like them: I look for materials, good wood, I try to treat them with patience and care and I hope they look good later“. That’s what it means to be a good person.

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