Don Benito and the mayor of Villanueva, escorted by the police after the neighbors learned the names chosen for the merger: Concordia del Guadiana or Mestas del Guadiana


A hundred people gathered in front of the Don Benito Town Hall, expressing their dissatisfaction with the paan and sloganeering. The committee of experts also had to protect

Don Benito and the mayor of Villanueva were escorted by the policeWorld
  • badyoz The new name of the merger of Don Benito and Villanueva: Concordia del Guadiana or Mestas del Guadiana
  • Referendum Don Benito’s very tight 66.27% in favor of Yes would end the union with Villanueva de la Serena

In Guadiana’s Concorde In Guadiana Plateau, The decisions announced yesterday by the committee of experts set up for the purpose so that the municipal corporations can decide between these two conditions have not been received with satisfaction among the residents of the two cities of the province. badyoz, The main criticisms come don benito -Which already got very stringent and controversial results in the vote for merger- but there is no satisfaction in it villanueva de la serene, Indeed, last night, and after the announcement of both proposals, Badajoz. Mayor of Jose Luis Quintana You Miguel Angel GallardoAlong with the members of the said committee, abandoned municipal facilities maintained by them shelf Don Benitez amid heavy tension at the doors of the city council’s plenary hall. Hours before the merger, about a hundred people had gathered there and the protests included pulao and whistles. The protests intensified when the names chosen were revealed.

Since the night of the referendum, and due to the management of the recalculation process – without any information about the outcome in Don Benito for more than two hours – the city has organized a series of groups against the merger, calling it a “Pout.” Officially, 66% of the votes cast in favor of Don Benito were officially too low, and the information blackout—which began when established percentages were not reached—is in contrast to what happened in Villanueva, where more than 90%. happened. % in favor of. He cast doubts, always denied by both mayors and officials at the forefront of the process. In the end, it was accepted that the zero votes were nullified by recounting and then the percentage exceeded the established limit for mergers.

As if that weren’t enough, the two names chosen last night have sparked protests manifold, noting that neither of them represent the spirit or flair of both cities. First of all . Name of Vegas Del Guadiana, which appears to be a broad social consensus, but is eventually abandoned. And the protests have multiplied. In fact, a casserole has already been announced in the Plaza de Espaa de Don Benito for the next Saturday at 12:30 pm, whose motto is “We are not from Concordia del Guadiana, we are not from Mestas del Guadiana, we don from Benito.

The committees elected by both the city councils met on several occasions for more than two months to take this decision and they also asked that the period initially planned be extended by two more weeks to take the decision. The announcement was scheduled for May 14 and was not made public until last night.

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Spokesperson of the Committee of Experts, julio carmona, explained that the reference to Guadiana appears in the two chosen surnames, a hydronym that links the two cities with greater intensity and strength than all possible perspectives and values: geographic, historical, cultural and economic. But hardly anyone is satisfied and in front of the final merger in five years, some kind of confusion has arisen in front of the process which is still going on and get away from it. In addition, the said committee proposed place names for two possibilities: Mestens or Mestanos and Mestana, in the case of Mestas del Guadiana, and Concordia del Guadiana.

After leaving the municipal offices under escort, the mayor of Villanueva de la Serena, Miguel ngel Gallardo, expressed his respect with “inconsistencies”, but also dismissed the disgrace “due to lack of arguments”. In this sense, he defended “total independence” and “zero pressure”, with which he assured the 14 members of the commission of experts, made up of professionals, from fields related to teaching, philology, history or research. Yes, it has worked. , in addition to two historians of the city.

Furthermore, the councilor said that after knowing the names selected “the history of the book, which was born on February 20 by the will of the people, continues to be written” and wanted to specify that “it has been an honest and democratic process.” In a parallel manner, he said “hopefully is understandable”, about the men’s indecisiveness, but praised the “formidable work” of the members of the commission, who performed “with utmost discretion” and “without leaking anything”. has done. ,

Gallardo assures that he “likes” the two names because, in his opinion, they have “a common thread of respect for the history and unity of Guadiana”, and although he is “shocked” by some , when they begin to voice their voices, he is convinced that they will identify with the chosen one.

For his part, Don Benito’s mayor, José Luis Quintana, defended the commission’s work of “documentation and reasoning” and described the decision as “another step” and warned that it would “get merged”. until” won’t stop. ,

From now on, it will be councilors from both local corporations, who plan to hold both plenary sessions at the same time, who decide in a vote which of the two names is chosen if the merger takes place.

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