Don Juan Carlos goes back to Brin waiting for the wind to allow sailing


At the moment it is not known what Don Juan Carlos’ plans are for today, as the delay of the regatta makes it impossible to know whether he will eventually leave his Rogue.

king juan carlos
King Juan Carlos, on Rogue this morning.EFE
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king juan carlos already sitting on the board bribneyReady to command a 12m long sailboat with which she competes in the trophy 6m class interspace trips, the father of Felipe VI Arrived at ten thirty in the morning Club Nuético de Sanxenxo in the car Pedro Campos,

“Everything is great, thank you for what you are doing”, told the press comrades at the exit of the Galician shipowner’s house. At the club he once again greeted the press gathered at the door, although today, instead of stopping, he went straight to the dock where bribney, Because today, with calm seas and low wind, king juan carlos He wanted to see his wish to leave his ship come true. At present Ray He gets on the boat and waits for the wind to rise, as the weather has foiled his plans. They are going to wait until three o’clock in the afternoon to see if the wind is blowing enough to get the boats going.

don juan carlos You are not alone in this wait. Although infanta elena He left for Seville yesterday morning, where he had other commitments, today at the yacht club he is accompanied by five friends who have come to live with his father from Madrid. Felipe VI this weekend. them five-Peter of Bourbon to Sicily, Carlos Espinosa de los Monterosso, Jose Mara JuncadellaA member of Concordia Real Espaola and another friend – had dinner with them yesterday Ray A wild turbot at Casa de Campos.

At the moment it is not known what the plan is don juan carlos Today, because the delay of the regatta makes it impossible to know if he will eventually give up on his rogue.

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