Don Juan Carlos will return to Spain this Thursday and will not meet with Felipe VI in Madrid until Monday


Zarzuela has confirmed in a note that King will arrive in Sanxenxo tomorrow. Return to Abu Dhabi, after seeing your son and Doa Sofa

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King Juan Carlos will next visit his son Felipe VI on May 23 Zarzuela Palace, This has been made public by Casa Real in a statement in which they confirm that the former monarch will arrive Spain Next Thursday, May 19, to spend a few days in Sanxenxo.

“His Majesty King Don Juan Carlos has transferred this afternoon to the House of His Majesty the King, wishing to make public his decision to travel to Spain from tomorrow 19th to next Monday 23rd May,” the release begins . A brief text of only three paragraphs, beginning with which sources operetta to this newspaper, that they communicate the news about Don Juan Carlos if Felipe VI’s father wants him to do so. Otherwise they would have nothing to say.

Another information that was transferred from Casa Real these days refers to the call that Don Felipe made to his father last Sunday. Abu Dhabi, At the same time when he came he invited her to meet madrid, And so it will happen. “Don Juan Carlos plans to stay in the Galician city of Sancxonxo during those dates, and to travel to Madrid on Monday 23, to be accompanied by His Majesty the King. Reina Doa Sofa and other members of his family in the palace of La Jarzuela”.

“On the same day, His Majesty King Don Juan Carlos will return to Abu Dhabi, where he has established his permanent and stable residence,” the statement continues. Thus, Casa Real managed to get Felipe VI’s father to agree to the most controversial condition of his return: that he does not sleep in Zarzuela. Since Juan Carlos I could not imagine sleeping anywhere other than his only residence in Madrid, the same day he left the house from which he ruled.

Zarzuela’s statement ends with a concluding paragraph in which he explains that the visit is “part of His Majesty King Juan Carlos’ wish to visit Spain to visit family and friends, and to visit his personal and his Organize the residence, as expressed in the letter addressed to His Majesty the King on 5 March.

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