Donald Trump accused of provoking “coup attempt” on January 6


A congressional committee investigating what happened a year and a half ago blames the former president for encouraging the mob that stormed the Capitol and left five people in Washington

Donald Trump’s video aired on Capitol Hill’s committee since January 6.EFE
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Donald Trump acted “illegally” and was the engine of a coup attempt in the United States on January 6, 2021, when a crowd of his followers made their way to the Capitol and sowed chaos for hours with the balance of five dead . This is the main conclusion of the Congress Committee probing what happened one and a half years ago. The panel, made up of Democratic and Republican congressmen, presented a barrage of testimony to support its main premise: that the former president deliberately lied that it was he who won the 2020 election and not Joe Biden.

“Donald Trump had days in court to dispute the outcome of the election, but he lost in court as well as the polls,” said Democratic Congressional Women and Special Committee Chair Benny Thompson. What happened on January 6 was part of a conspiracy to “wipe out the votes of millions of Americans and change the will of the American people to remain in power.”

Thompson claimed that the former president was “at the center of this conspiracy” and incited the angry public who attacked the Capitol with his relentless lies, which were referred to as “nonsense” and “nonsense” by US Attorney General William Barr at the time. was described. And endorsed by Trump’s own daughter, Melania, is shown in one of several videos submitted to show how a part of his government team – along with Vice President Mike Pence – can help family members and even That Republican senators turned their backs on him in an effort to sustain themselves. In power despite election defeat

For the Mississippi congressman, “it was the culmination of an attempted coup”, “the most desperate way to cling to power”, a statement supported by Republican Liz Cheney, the deputy chairman of the investigative committee, which indicated that Trump was not only “condemning the attack”. Didn’t but justified it.”

There’s no arguing for Cheney. The attack on the federal building was inspired by Trump’s false claims that “the elections were stolen from him and that he was the legitimate president.” The president refused to end the violence and “flamed the flames” of the attack, an act he described as a crime for trying to “destroy” the US government and as a moment of “maximum danger” to the American republic. described in.

According to the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Trump “coordinated a sophisticated plan” to overthrow the president, despite knowing that “he had lost the election.” The reason behind the January 6 attack was a “massive attempt to distribute misinformation” and to trick his supporters into believing that an election fraud had been committed.

It is the start of a series of hearings over the next few weeks in which multiple witnesses will show how Trump tried to attack democracy in America and how he had prior knowledge of the violence in Washington without doing anything to stop it. . This. Even his family members “begged” him to take action but the President ignored them. He neither contacted his Defense Secretary nor the Justice Department to root out the rebellion. He just sent a video in which he expressed his love for his followers and told them how special he is.

The first half of the session ended with a compilation of images on the advance of the crowd towards the Capitol and moments of tension and violence recorded in Washington, the first phase of a lengthy investigation that could have dealt a final blow to the political career of Donald Trump.

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