Dozens of inmates set fire to Italian prison for a psychodrug withdrawal


The fire, which caused no casualties and took several hours for firefighters to extinguish, was caused by the suspension of medication given to drug addicts.

Main entrance of Cremona prison.ansa

Dozens of prisoners from jail serial (Northern Italy) set their cells on fire last night, causing a fire, causing 80 of them to be evacuated before firefighters controlled the flames to protest the withdrawal of a psychotropic drug, local media reports. was forced to.

The alarm went off around 10:00 pm (20:00 GMT), when the prisoners They set fire to the sheets and mattresses in their closet And flames and smoke spread quickly, prompting prison management to order two floors to be completely evacuated, while security forces stepped up security measures throughout the prison.

The fire, which caused no casualties and took several hours for firefighters to extinguish, was due to drug suspension and people with mental disorders and who were in prison “used as currency,” according to the Uilpa Prison Police Association.

prison health officer Decided to Change Psychopharmaceutical Until then used by another, which gave impetus to the rebellion.

“On repeated occasions we have condemned the very serious criticism of the Cremonese prison, which is common to almost all penitentiary institutions in the country, with some special difficulties, such as those not to be commander of the penitentiary police front for almost three years and a global management characterized by constant disturbance”, said Genarino Di Fazio, Secretary General of Ulpa.

According to Di Fazio, “It’s been a very long time in prisons”. hellish lifeSometimes, as in the case of Cremona, not only as a metaphor” and “the serious dysfunction of the system cannot be dealt with by mere administrative means, but the intervention of politics, the Ministry of Justice and the government is necessary”.

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