Dream-like villas, special schools… this is Waldemarn, the million-euro neighborhood

Dream-like villas, avant-garde designs, paradisiacal swimming pools, trendy restaurants, exclusive schools, prestigious hospitals… the Waldemarn neighborhood, known as Beverly Hills Madrid became in the mecca of luxury,

in five years, About 30 percent increase in prices And developers search for new plots in vain as there is hardly any vacant land left.

But, what has caused this area of ​​Arawaka to become the most wanted among the wealthy? When I asked myself what was the best place to live in Madrid, I answered without hesitation: Waldemarn. i bought the land to make your home And, in 2011, the first Altos del Hipdromo development was completed with 48 high-end homes, says Enrique López Granados, president of the Caledonian real estate company, who didn’t hesitate to leave the luxurious area of ​​La Moraleja. This north-west neighborhood. from the city.

Former presidents may have thought the same Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy who have also chosen this area to live in. Other politicians such as Borja Smper, football players such as Isco, the financial elite and many famous television faces such as Terrelu Campos have established their residence in this district, which has a privileged location between the A-6 and Monte del Pardo. Which is a treasure trove of 16,000 hectares of Mediterranean forest.

Without a doubt, its location is one of Waldemarn’s strong points, which has 16,000 residents. Connected to Korua Highway, its residents can come by car Moncloa in just seven minutesWith which they combine the serenity of living on the outskirts with proximity to the big city.

General view of the area.
General view of the area.jay barabancho

Another great advantage of this is that the neighborhood surrounded by nature, as it is located on the Corua Highway, between the Zarzuela Racecourse and El Pardo. The one close to the A-6 motorway is not inconvenient, as it is a motorway that passes through residential areas, surrounded by houses and trees, with nothing to do with other routes out of Madrid, such as A-6. – 1 or A-4, full of factories and industrial estates.

pair shawl

In Waldemarn, there are single-family homes—not as large as the mansions in the nearby La Florida Urbanism—but are, without a doubt, the undisputed king of the land. luxury pair shawls,

Currently, the acts follow each other in various plots that announce with hype and cymbals. unique coupled accommodation, Waldemarn is named in all promotions because, without a doubt, it is a claim to buyers.

The Caledonian Real Estate Company was the first to invest in this area. In 2011, it created the Altos del Hidromo I development with 48 houses; Then raised Valkotos, 10 super luxury couplets with And, currently, the second promotion of Altos del Hipdromo ends with 12 accommodations, which will be delivered at the end of June.

Not only is it all sold out, but there is a waiting list To rent one of the villas. And those prices range between two and three million euros.

We want the best experience for our customers. Everything is meticulously taken care of in every home. For example, We have a tap for 1,000 euros And it shows why it’s worth it at that price. Caledonian President Enrique López Granados announced that homes are soundproofed and thermal inertial to maintain a stable temperature throughout the year through a solar generation system.

All accommodations have their own garden and swimming pool, but they also have a social club with maximum comfort: swimming pool, spa, sauna, massage room and a gym with state-of-the-art machines.

Soho Waldemarn is one of the latest developments to be built in the neighborhood. Developer Quantum has bought a 10,000 square meter property The Venezuelan family Capriles. forWhere 19 luxury villas will be built.

These are semi-detached houses with a private garden and swimming pool, which will be equipped with all the equipments and even A wine cellar containing 70 bottles,

is in residences An avant-garde cube-shaped design, They all have an elevator and a kitchen and a pergola with the possibility to build a swimming pool in the attic and from where you can enjoy views of the whole world. horizon Ismail Garca, commercial director of Madrid, Quantum, says.

There are no common areas in this urbanization because, according to García, this level of buyer flees from shared spaces, although it is inherent in 24 hour strict personal securitySince the idea of ​​the promoters is to replicate the preservation of urbanism such as La Finca in Waldemarn.

quality schools

The customer profiles of these promotions are businessmen and executives, almost all citizens, as international consumers with high purchasing power do not move to the outskirts, but They like to live in the Salamanca neighborhood,

It also attracts young families with children as there is another pole of attraction in the neighborhood Number of high quality private schools and nurseries, The streets of the area are filled with schools such as Mater Salvatoris, Estudio, LaSalle, Montessori or Stella Maris College.

Valdemarn also has an important restaurant offer. Aravaca Village hotels near Larrumba Group have several complexes, such as Pipa&Co or Abrasa. Oyster Ball and Chin Cup There are other classics in the area, which have been transformed into a rendezvous for the best of the city.

We have customers not only from Aravaca but they come from all over the city: from La Moraleja to the center of Madrid or Mazadahonda. We started 10 years ago and we’ve seen how The neighborhood is going strong. Now everyone wants to be here, explains the CEO of the Barbilan Group. In September last year, they opened upstairs Bistro 1948, a venue for corporate events and family gatherings.

For all these reasons, Waldemarn is one of the neighborhoods that has appreciated the most, with a 30% rate increase over the past five years. There is a lot of demand as few plots are left and there are very few units in the promotion. Despite the high prices, people are looking for equipment and a good quality of lifeSamuel Poblacin, director of residential and land at real estate consultancy CBRE, concluded.

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