Driver arrested for couple’s death in canal


The man took his vehicle to search for people involved in an argument he had participated in at a local pub the same night, and ran over two young men who had nothing to do with the brawl.

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has become a man stopped For him Alleged involvement in fatal hit and run Two people, a man and a woman, in the Valencian Municipality of Canals, as reported by the Civil Guard.

The alleged perpetrator of the death of the couple, aged 31 and 33, has been arrested by the local police of the canals, and the civil guard is investigating the cause of the accident.

The man took his vehicle to search for people involved in an argument he had participated in at a local pub the same night, and ran over these two young men, who they had nothing to do with that altercationWhen they were going to cross the road with a group of ten people.

As a result of the collision, the vehicle fell about 100 meters under a bridge and the nearly 50-year-old driver tried to leave the spot, but was arrested by the local police, who tested him. alcohol and drug use and tested positivePolice sources have told.

the deceased couple was HondurasHad a young son and lived in the municipality for a short time, as explained by the Mayor of the Canals, Mai Castel, who has offered all necessary assistance to the families of the victims and ordered three days of mourning in the location.

Canals City Council has decreed three in mourning It follows the “unfortunate incident” that took place on Saturday night and “taken the lives of two innocent people”, as published on his social network.

health services tried revive the boy, without success, and they treated the young woman until the arrival of an ambulance, which took her in very serious condition to the Llus Alcanys de Xtiva hospital, where she died at about 9 in the morning.

The couple seems to have been one of the first pedestrians in the group, who began to cross the Valencia street, one of the most central in the municipality, when the vehicle, which drive in the opposite directionran over them.

Local police have indicated that, at the time of his arrest, the driver, who was also a resident of the canals, knew what had happened and intended to harm some of the people he had had an altercation with some time ago. A pub located on the same street as Aakrosh, unrelated to the deceased couple.

The three days of mourning will begin this Monday, as a mark of mourning for the couple’s death and in support of the families affected by the tragedy, according to Consist, which has already contacted them to provide them with the help they need. . ,

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