Dua Lipa enforces her rules at Primavera Sound and is crowned Queen of Pop


The public surrendered to the British ‘show’ in a celebration turned into a macro dance floor

Dua Lipa during her performance at Primavera Sound.
Dua Lipa during her performance at Primavera Sound.EFE
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  • Song Nick Cave, the king of Primavera Sound’s darkest night

it doesn’t matter if dua lipa I came from filling the stadium Barcelona and Madrid only a week ago. British singer of Kosovar Albanian origin reappears Primavera Sound I could attest to only one thing: There’s a willingness to work hard on the dance floor. Time and again, it is seen that it is all about making up for the time lost. And who better to set the pace than the author of the soundtrack to our painful pandemic imprisonment. The rules are set by Dua Lipa.

come on! let’s get physical! The first battle cry to usher in a concert that turned the Barcelona festival into a macro dance floor from Thursday to Friday. But the real ones. Because, as Dua Lipa claims in her anthem Physical, it’s time to jump on the physical plane. Touching each other as if a covid nightmare remains, in a nightmare. Or, precisely because we know it was not so.

And a Dua Lipa who released her second album (nostalgia for the future) in the fatal month of March 2020. We had to settle for relaxing in the living room. Hence the desire to physically jump on the dance floor. The British know this. He found out when using it studio 2054 This was confirmed as a complete bombing. When live music disappeared from our lives, Dua Lipa revived the concept with a concert streaming Which was followed by a global audience of five million people.

yes with studio 2054 The album changed presentation tour, re-released on the steps of nostalgia for the future Dua Lipa has definitely been placed on the throne of pop. and included with return dance pop In the ’90s, because it couldn’t be less of a reference to the so-called Y2K aesthetic, who sits on the chair (not always the easy look with which we entered the millennium). Case in point, the queen of pop claimed her crown in Barcelona singing—and counting. new rules, The court, by the way, is composed of the splendid corps de ballet that breathed more energy, if possible, into an authentic performance from beginning to end.

On the Pull & Bear stage, the winner of three Grammy Awards drew a devoted audience love again ,touch mebecame happy again) cold, Wheedle, broke my heart, be the one… far from dying, the party continued with the French Angela hand in hand with dua lipa fever,

until the madness broke out (looked like he had already done it but…) along one kiss, Not in vain, Dua Lipa never stops repeating: “I love you very much” between song and song. Kisses in the form of lips (and balloons) flew among the masses. foreshadowing of what was to come levitating, “Are you ready to travel to the moon?” Said and done, because there was.

nostalgia for the future You don’t start me now They finalized the night with no shortage of people wondering whether Dua was lipa or not playback, This meant little to the thousands of his followers who applauded fiercely. Including the security guard who got infected from the party but couldn’t help set the pace with his foot.

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