During the shooting a mother entered the Uvalde school and took her children outside

  • Uvalde A girl child narrowly escaped by pretending to die
  • report good Salvador Ramos entered the classroom and said “You’re all going to die”

The police response to the Uvalde (Texas) massacre has angered relatives as Junior Cazares, whose younger cousin Jacqueline was murdered While the police waited for over an hour outside the classroom where the attacker barricaded himself.

“I hope they lose their license,” said Cazares, who spoke to Efe. wooden cross installed 19 in the middle square of Uvalde to remember the children and brutally murdered two teachers In Tuesday’s shooting at Robb Elementary School.

the revelation, this Friday, that the police decided not to enter the classroom and I waited to get the key to open the doorWhile a desperate girl calls the emergency services surrounded by her dead classmates, the American city is shaken.

“I can’t even imagine those kids locked in that room, knowing that there were policeThe. It’s disgusting”, assures Cazares, 24.

young man works in the hospital where he has Some of the 17 injured in the attack were hospitalized And upon learning that the police had admitted his reckless behavior in front of the shooting, he went to Central Square with his wife Lisa and their four-year-old daughter.

“I just get angry, It motivates me to quit my job and become a police officer, so I can (…) do things better. They took an oath to protect our community“, Calculate Cazares again.

“We all know the kids”

His cousin, Jacqueline, was a relative or friend of many of the girls who died, including Ellie GarciaJoe played with the daughter of Junior and Lisa Cazares.

,We know each of these kids (murder)It is a small community and we share our love with each of them”, assured the young man.

His wife, Lisa, was furious when she remembered how many parents came to school While the attacker was inside to save his children and pleaded with the police to take action.

“As far as they were It’s Quick to Arrest a Parent Who Tried to Break Upr”, condemned Lisa Cazares, who thought that if policemen had children inside, “things would have been different”.

The Khazars clearly refer to Angelie Rose Gummez’s Short Stopwho, after driving 40 miles to get to school, warned the authorities after learning there was an attacker. they will go to school and handcuffed him.

then i assured Agents jump over school fence to release him and entered the school to save his two sons, who they were not in the classroom affected by the shooting Gomez told The Wall Street Journal that he managed to drop out of school.

a “wrong” answer

Steven McCraw, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, admits not to break the door. There was a “wrong decision” of the class And blamed him on the highest police officer present in the school at that time.

Several media outlets claimed this Saturday that Peter was responsible “Pete” Arredondo, Uvalde School District Police ChiefThose who have not come to the position in the press conference for several days.

According to McCraw, after hearing several shots in orbit and noting that the bullets were only headed for the door as officers tried to gain accessThe head above explained that there was no one left alive except the attacker.

Therefore, he chose to wait until Finally a Border Patrol entered orbit behind a shield and attacker, Salvador Ramos, came out of a classroom and started shooting at them, He was shot dead, according to details of the investigation leaked to The Washington Post.

On the classroom floor, agents found the children united, many of them already dead, but some still alive, including 11-year-old Mia Cerillo, who shed another student’s blood On the body to play dead.

Cerillo, who still knows recovering from bullet fragments that hit His Head and Shoulders told CNN that the attacker looked at one of the teachers, said “good night” and killed him before firing indiscriminately at students in his class and through an interior door.

The girl assured that a friend and she they grabbed the dead teacher’s phone And called the police, begging them to come, before lying down and playing dead for what seemed like an eternity.

waiting for inquiry

Texas Governor, Republican Greg Abbott, who initially praised Agents and said that they had “ran” towards the attacker, Now claiming to be “furious” For the negligence of the police and has promised a thorough investigation into their actions.

in Uvalde, a population of barely 16,000 residents with a Hispanic majority, where practically everyone knows someone affected by the shootingThe news is bad, but there are some who still do not dare to condemn the policemen more.

“I don’t want to criticize him,” said Letty, who lives across the street from the school. He told Efe how the children of different classes “Run” in his garden during the attack And he had a good time there, petting his cat and in many cases crying.

Letty doesn’t like to speak ill of her neighbors, people working in your cityBut a part of him still doesn’t understand what happened.

“If the parents were willing to go there, why not (police)?I asked

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