Eight arrested for stealing high-end watches in 19 robberies in Madrid’s luxury neighborhoods


Two of the arrested were adept at pulling off their motorcycles

Two arrested in the case of robbery with a motorcycle in the chamber
Two arrested after robbery with motorcycle in chamber
  • Arrangement Motorcycle thieves hunting for luxury watches in Chambers and Salamanca: four violent robberies in 10 days

The national police have arrested eight people who were devoted to stealing high-end watches with great violence and who were charged with 19 robberies in the central districts of Madrid with the highest purchasing power. Seven of those arrested have entered the jail. Among those arrested are four Venezuelans, one Maghreb and three Romanians.

According to Madrid Police Headquarters, two of them, the Romanians, were caught after a chase in Madrid’s Plaza de Cibeles, after which agents managed to recover the stolen watch, which was part of the stolen pieces. The total value is over 400,000. Euro.

The investigation began in February when a complaint was received at the police station in Salamanca in the district of Madrid in which The victim told that the people on the motorcycle beat her up After following her into a car park, where they forcibly took away her watch, which cost 40,000 euros.

prisoners took to the streets of the districts of Chamartón, Chambers and Salamanca With motorcycles and timing the entry and exit of workplaces, hid themselves amidst the traffic.

After locating a driver with a high-value watch, they followed him to his parking lot, where they would approach or act on him during the journey, while stopping the victim’s vehicle at a red light. was given.

in such cases The robber approached the vehicle from the side and grabbed the driver’s hand tightly. out the window until I managed to get the clock out of him, after which he quickly ran away.

Police installed a device in March that arrested one of the robbers after violently stealing a high-end watch with a motorcycle.

The robber got off the motorcycle and opened the door of the vehicle he was following and hit the driver, taking away the watch.

He had an accident with another vehicle during his flight, when he was stopped by agents, who recovered the watch, which was worth 80,000 euros.

Subsequently, it was possible to determine the participation of this captive in four other violent robberies of similar characteristics.

In a parallel investigation also started in February, agents at the Salamanca District Police Station discovered Several robberies with violence involving luxury watches during weekend nights in overcrowded entertainment venues.

Thus the hand of one of the people attacked by these thieves was left.

In this case, the author, a young man from the Maghreb, promoted close personal contact to facilitate the kidnapping when nightclubs closed in the district of Salamanca, and in a friendly manner when the victims noticed and tried to resist. surprised the young people. attack

Multiple police equipment allowed the identification and location of this person, who was arrested Responsible for six robberies with violence.

In a similar investigation that began in October last year, several robberies were reported on restaurant terraces in the Madrid districts of Salamanca, Hortaleza and Chamartón.

These robbers, working in pairs, attacked the victims with gunbacks, seriously injuring even their watches and fled on motorcycles.

Various devices developed since April culminated with the arrest of four people on the 17th.

Similarly, on the weekend of May 14 and 15, civil protection agents were alerted on a street in the Salamanca district, where some people approached a man from behind and They asked for his watch from a reputed brand.

They managed to remove it with a strong pull and started running in a vehicle, before which several patrols immediately drove to the spot, finding this tourist roaming around the streets.

Agents began a chase that continued on foot and were caught up with them at the Plaza de Cibeles, where the arrested men elbowed the police and nodded.

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