Elche City Council authorizes ‘burkini’ in public pools but not Bermuda swimsuits


A recently approved regulation establishes that below-the-knee swimwear shall not be permitted for hygiene reasons, with the only exception that they are permitted.

A woman in a burkini on a Spanish beach.
A woman in a burkini on a Spanish beach.EM

City Council elche authorized the use ofburkinis‘ In the public swimming pool of the municipality of Alicante, starting from June 18 next. This is clearly stated in the Regulations for the Use of Municipal Sports Facilities, which includes all the rules published to date and approved by the PSOE and the government team made up of agreement. On the other hand, that “except for specific and explicit authorization from the Department of Sports, swimsuits below the knees shall not be permitted in public pools, nor clothing that is not specific to swimming.”

This rule, which vetos Bermuda swimsuits and any type of street clothing for hygiene reasons, allows women to wear a garment that covers their entire body except for the feet, hands, face. According to the government team, the burkini is an approved garment and, therefore, its use was already authorized, but it is now explicitly included in the rules that it can be accessorised with below-the-knee clothing if they are approved. Huh.

“Three years ago there was controversy about the use of these clothes, but since it is a bathrobe, no one who follows the rules can be stopped from using the facilities,” explains sports councilor Vicente Alberola.

The decision by Elche comes a few days after a dispute that arose a week ago in France because the city council Grenoble approved the use of the burkini in public swimming pools, a decision that the French government threatened to block.

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