Elda. Two arrested for sexually abusing at least eight girls, three minors at parties in


The young women reported that during city festivals, two unidentified boys hugged her and touched her private parts without her consent, as well as tried to kiss her.

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A national police vehicle in Alicante.Robert Perez
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National Police agents arrested in the city cook (Alicante) two youths accused of sexually abusing several girls during the celebration of Moor and Christian festivals in that city. So far, they have found Eight victims, three of whom are minors.

The agents’ action began after several young women called on 091, who narrated how two boys had come to her while partying and had hugged her and touched her private parts and breasts. without your consentOther than trying to kiss them.

The reported incidents happened around 03:40 in the morning of 6 June and, immediately, several teams from the Elda National Police Station went to the scene, who, following the instructions of the complainants, managed to locate one in the vicinity . Supposedly the attackers were arrested there.

The same night, shortly after, while agents were at the police station, doing the relevant police paperwork with the detainee, again another young woman called 091 to report that a man had touched her intimate parts After trying to hold her and kiss her without her consent.

National Police agents who were in the vicinity came and managed to trace and arrest this man, who turned out to be another youth, who was not found in the previous attack.

Once in Comisra, the victims were Assisted by specialist agents of the Family and Women’s Unit (UFAM) of the Judicial Police Brigade of the Alda-Peter National Police Station, who was in charge of the investigation.

After taking the victims’ statements, agents realized that the night before, on June 5, other young women had Complaint filed for similar facts And that the characteristics of one of the alleged criminals completely coincide with that of one of the detainees.

UFAM agents called the victims and after retaking their statements, accused the arrested person of these crimes as well.

The National Police continues to investigate the matter as there may be more victims of similar incidents that have not yet been reported. So far, eight victims have been traced, three of whom are minors, the security body details in a statement.

the prisoners 21 and 31 to People of old and Moroccan nationality are placed at the disposal of the Guard of Investigation Court in the city of Elda this Wednesday.

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