Elected senator for Feijo, Galicia with only his party’s votes


The opposition in the Galician Parliament has voted blank, noting that their election is considered a “partisan” use of the Senate.

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Alberto Nez Feijo and Alfonso Rueda at the opening of the City of Justice in Vigo.junior laundressEFE
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The leader of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, has been elected as a senator by the autonomous designation of Galicia this afternoon, only with the support of 41 deputies of the Popular Parliamentary Group, which have an absolute majority in the Autonomous Chamber, and a blank vote of the opposition, which Criticizes this election as it considers a “partisan” use of the Senate.

Thus, 25 days after leaving Xunta. presided overAnd less than two months after he was elected president of the PP, the former Galician follows in the president’s footsteps. manual frag And go to the Upper House. Prior to this, Feijo had to resign from his job of deputy in the Parliament of Galicia, nearly 17 years after he first sat in the autonomous chamber.

In his Twitter account, the leader of the PP has said that he feels “honoured” by the appointment and has promised to work in the Upper House with the same “dedication” that he has made to the regional parliament.

Along with Feijo, the former Secretary General of the PPDG and the current Secretary of the Regional Organization of the PP has also been elected a regional senator, Miguel Telado,

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