Elections in France: the disgruntled Mélancheon who brought back the Left in France


After the presidential election in April, a single objective was proposed: that all left-wing parties present themselves as a single candidate.

Jean-Luc M
Jean-Luc Mélénchon, leader of the Coalition of Nups.Christophe Petit TessonEFE
  • France Macron and Mlenchon tie in first round of legislature

Once upon a time a hare and a tortoise made a bet. The turtle said: “Get there first.” The hare, dying of laughter, replied: “You are crazy”, and was so convinced that he fell asleep and lost the race. Jean-Luc Mlenchon In the story of La Fontaine is identified with the tortoise. That little animal appears on his web page right under his name. And the political stalwart spent much of the presidential campaign claiming that metaphor, that of the reptilian patient, “moves slowly until the rabbits are finished.” Then, she came within a jump of knocking out Marine Le Pen and it was she who qualified for the second round. But Mlenchon learned his lesson. From the end of April, the same objective was proposed, to bring all the leftist parties together in a single candidate to be able to fight one-on-one with Macron. And he has succeeded. Because the Knupps coalition, which brings together rebels (the most radical leftists), ecologists, socialists and communists, garnered 25.66% of the total votes, hot on the heels of President Macron’s Ensemble brand, which won 25.75. % won. Technical tie.

Mlenchon carries behind him, more than his home, his whole life. He is 70 years old and has endless options. their opponents admit that they A great speaker, but also a cruel person. The grandson of a Spaniard and the son of a Moroccan (his mother was a teacher in the slums of Tangier), he learned long ago that life depends on where you were born. Deaf by birth, Mlenchen has said that at school they used to tell him that “he was always over the moon”.

When he was 11 years old, his family returned to Normandy and discovered what snow was and what foreigners hated. “I had no idea how painful it would be. They laughed at us,” he explained in the autobiographical book election of rebellion, excerpted from an interview with journalist Mark Endevel. Known for his outbursts of anger, the most infamous happened in 2018, when during a police search at his party’s headquarters, he shouted at the police: “I am the Republic!To justify his reaction, he later alleged that he had reacted in this way because of his “Mediterranean nature”.

Mlenchon studied Letters and Philosophy. TeaI worked at a printing press as a proofreader at a gas station, taught French and practiced journalism, which did not stop his infamous attacks on the press years later. He moved from communism to socialism (where he served for nearly 30 years) and in 1986, at the age of 35, became the youngest senator in France. He was a minister in Lionel Jospin’s government and an MEP for 8 years. Perpetual dissatisfaction with the Left, he formed a party called the (Left Party) with which he ran in the 2012 elections. Five years later, in 2017, he did so as a candidate for a new platform, the France Insumisa. , who still leads

Facing a second round of legislative elections, Mélénchon still intends to gain a parliamentary majority to force Macron to appoint him prime minister in a cohabitation government, something impossible but not impossible. The last “cohabitation” dates back to the period from 1997 to 2002, when the conservative Jacques Chirac appointed socialist Lionel Jospin as prime minister.

The author of 19 books, most famously entitled age of people And it is an allegation of the civil revolution that brought to power the former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, with a reference to it, Lula da Silva or the late Hugo Chávez. Despite the fact that a few days before the invasion of Ukraine, Malenchon confirmed that “the only aggressor is NATO” – an organization he has always denied – his radical positions in foreign policy did not make an electoral impact on him. . Conversely, since the war raised prices and benefited Mlénchén in some way, he spoke of the loss of the French’s purchasing power for months – if not years – of time. Self-proclaimed “defenders” of the popular classes also seek to extend retirement to 60 years, increase pensions and raise the minimum wage to 1,500 euros.

There is another story from La Fontaine, less well known, in which a tortoise, wanting to see the world, leaves its shell. Two ducks offer him a ride in the air. They each take a stick from one end and ask the turtle to hold it with their teeth. “Look, Queen of the Turtles!” The ducks cried. And then the tortoise, in full flight, opens its mouth and says: “Queen, sir!”, just before falling to the ground. Although the polls, facing a second round of legislative elections, give the government party as the favourite, it remains to be seen which of the two, Macron or Mlenchon, will hit the harsh reality. Which of the two will be able to convince the abstainers – half the French, it is soon said – to come out of their homes and drop their shells to vote.

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