Electoral board allows Teresa Rodriguez to participate in debates on public television


He rejected the resources of Por Andaluca and Andalucés Levants, which once again exposed the confrontation between the leftist coalitions.

Teresa Rodro
Teresa Rodriguez, with some members of her candidacy.Joacun CorcheroEuropa Press

The Andalusian Election Board has decided to respect the composition of the debate with the main candidates for the Andalusian elections, including Teresa Rodriguez, as proposed by both Canal Sur and TVE within their coverage plan for the 19J campaign.

The resolution, advanced this morning by the body arbitrating the election call, is a serious blow to Por Andalucá and Andalucés Levantos, two left-wing coalitions that have appealed for resolutions from public channels questioning Teresa Rodriguez’s presence in both cases.

The decision of the Electoral Board of Andalusia came as a surprise given that the same body ruled against the interests of Teresa Rodriguez’s candidacy, due to the subsidy the parties would receive in the distribution of money advanced by parliament. Get representation in the Autonomous Chamber. On that occasion, the Electoral Board decided that Adelante Andaluca was not the legitimate heir to the electoral rights of the old Adelante Andaluca (version 2018) and, therefore, could not claim funding based on its parliamentary representation. It can be assumed that the electoral board would apply the same criteria to decide which political force has the right and which does not participate in the debate on public television.

It was also extracted by Andaluca (Podemos + IU + More Country + Andalusian People’s Initiative + EQU + Green Alliance) and Andalusian Rise Up. Por Andaluca’s candidate, Inmaculada Nieto, is invited to participate in the debate, but his formation calls for Teresa Rodriguez to be ousted. The latter, led by Modesto González, are not because they did not have parliamentary representation in the previous legislature, but they sought the same treatment that television stations had given to Teresa Rodriguez.

The conflict makes clear how the wounds of the Andalusian left are still open, as the three coalitions involved were called upon to gain momentum and participate in a common front to counter the demilitarization of their electorate, which Minister Yolanda Daz’s line. Trying to score goals for the next general election. But this broad consensus was not possible and was limited to IU, Ms Pas, Equo and the Andalusian People’s Initiative, which on the edge, And after the deadline, Podemos and Alianza Verde joined.

Teresa Rodriguez mourned the maneuvers of her former colleagues at IU and Podemos in relation to the debate on public channels. Their boycott, in his opinion, would only cause the Left to lose screen share in the information spaces against the PSOE and the Right.

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