Electoral board rejects again including Podemos in confluence of Andalusian left


It denies rectification of the submitted error after joining the coalition after the deadline.

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Yolanda Daz and Inmaculada Nieto at the Seville Fair.EFE

Andalusia’s electoral board at a meeting this Monday rejected a reform document submitted by the United Left for the expansion of the Coalition por Andaluca’s six parties.

Podemos is once again excluded from the formula that the leftist parties agreed to present themselves in the election on June 19 through a coalition led by IU deputy Inmaculada Nieto.

The decision of the Electoral Board of Andalusia can be appealed to the Central Electoral Board, but the coalition parties are dismayed and have little confidence that the correction of the error will be legally accepted. The appeal has to be submitted before midnight on Tuesday morning.

At the time the judges’ decision is final, the parties will begin negotiating special agreements to guarantee the integration of Podemos among the candidates, even if the party does not formally appear on the ballot. In that case, those enlisted by Podemos would do so as independents.

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