Elizabeth II encourages the British to look to the future with “confidence and enthusiasm”


At 96, the Queen wanted to leave behind the turmoil of recent months with a message of continuity

Platinum Jubilee
Official photo of Elizabeth II for Platinum Jubilee.ronald mckennyAP
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Elizabeth II is marked 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne To inspire the British to look to the future with “confidence and enthusiasm”. Thousands of people have gathered here since Thursday morning. mall of London To participate in the parade with whom the glory Platinum Jubileethe queen since Buckingham Palace,

for them from 96The Queen wanted to leave the unrest of the past few months behind message of continuity, assured that she would remain “inspired” by the affection and “goodwill” of her compatriots. “These days will be an occasion to reflect on what has been achieved over the past 70 years,” declared the monarch, who thanked the “fragrant memories” revived by the British to mark the historic anniversary.

Elizabeth II returned to Buckingham Palace for the occasion after a two-year-long hiatus imposed by Covid, which forced her to relocate Windsor Castle, already converted into his habitual residence. His mobility problems have forced him to limit his appearance in public, although his extreme Platinum Jubilee be the long-awaited appearance on the balcony of the palace, closely surrounded by Carlos and Camilla, William and KatePointing to his most direct successors.

Camilla and Kate, before

Platinum Jubilee
Camilla and Kate upon their arrival at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.Jonathan BradyAP

Camilla and Kate were the first to call the cameras when they came to the fashion show. color magshulIn the car with the Duchess of Cambridge’s three children: George, Charlotte and Louis, princess anneon horseback, Duke of Essex And this prince charles staged the opening of the festivals

Harry Y MeghanAbsent from the Buckingham balcony, she also had a role in the initial parade, which official historians have interpreted as a sign of reconciliation initiated by the Queen, who will meet her granddaughter on Saturday. lilibetOn the same day as his first birthday.

The most infamous absence during the festivities will be that of Prince AndrewAfter receiving criticism for her starring role while acting in Westminster Abbey In which he gave his hand to the queen. Isabel II has decided to do without the presence of her favorite son, this time after the Virginia Giuffre sexual abuse scandal finally closed with a millionaire out-of-court settlement.

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