Elizabeth II in Jubilee: From the jeans of her youth to the subtle diplomacy of her wardrobe

Indian princes attended in splendid ceremonial dresses Queen Victoria For Westminster Abbey on its Golden Jubilee. His great-granddaughter Elizabeth II is the first to celebrate platinum: 70 years on the throne. Although the anniversary is on 6 February, the celebrations are in the first week of June.

That February 6, 1952, at 7:30 in Sandringham, George VI’s servant, James MacDonald, brought the king a cup of morning tea. I found him dead. Heart attack during the night. The news was passed on to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who was still in bed in Downing Street. He burst into tears.

Isabel was in Kenya with her husband. Climbing a tree, I was looking at a rhinoceros in a watering hole. When the Duke of Edinburgh told her, Elizabeth was wearing jeans. She will never be seen in jeans again.

from the coronation to the present

Nine days later, at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, three queens attended the funeral: young Elizabeth, her mother, and her elderly grandmother, the Dowager Queen Mary. Those three queens immersed in mourning – veiled in the form of Muslim women, Mark Twain wrote – He not only expressed grief but also status with his style. Seventy years later, a retrospective can be written on the type of queen that Elizabeth II has been due to her wardrobe.

You don’t have to read ‘The Fashion System’ by Roland Barth to know that clothes, accessories or makeup are important, they communicate something, they send messages. Elizabeth II, who was A glamorous young lady, iconic as Marilyn Monroe And only six weeks his senior, he was a symbol of a new era in Britain emerging from the difficulties of World War II. To understand why or how Elizabeth II was successful, it helps to know what is and isn’t a British monarchy.

crown as a narcotic

It is not a tourist attraction, nor is St. Peter’s in Rome; This is the lowest. This is not a soap opera, although it sometimes seems, for example, when Diana and Camilla fought over Carlos. It’s not even a game with cute princesses and toy soldiers. It is much deeper than that. Monarchy is an intoxicant: Elizabeth II is neither known nor understood, Poured into the veins of the British.

Politicians are accepted for what they say; To the queen, because she knows the power to say nothing. of Express yourself with your gestures. He never gave any interviews or collaborated with his biographers. What we don’t know about Elizabeth II is what she knows. Except you know what to avoid.

Her mother was terrorized by female intellectuals and her maternal grandmother, Marion Crawford, had to conspire with her grandmother, Queen Mary, to help Lilibet. An education worthy of the name. Insiders looking at his book shelves in Windsor are not talking about geostatistical texts or earlier editions of Shakespeare or Schopenhauer, but about tea table books: Labrador retriever, sloth bear, castle, gnome or pure blood Books about.

When Lillibet was 10 years old, the BBC was the world’s first broadcaster with regular service. In May 1937, he brought cameras to the coronation of George VI. Overall, that the future queen got used to live in public view Growing up under the curious lens of the media broadcasting its image around the world for global scrutiny.

The poet Gil de Bidma was born in the era of pergola and tennis. We forgive you. Isabel II reigned in the age of photography, cinema and television. This is why he has developed a sartorial instinct that is inherent to his condition. it is Power dressing on razor’s edge.

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Elizabeth came to the throne at the height of British haute couture and adopted as her own designers who enjoyed her mother’s trust: Norman Hartnell and the Hardy Emmys That they made her the right outfit to the right degree of glamor that was expected of her.

Through her wardrobe, she offered a happy ending to the sorrows of the post-war period, expressing hope for better times. Then she preferred fairy-tale dresses, richly embroidered satin. The young Isabelle stirred up the excitement of New Look, a reference to the silhouette introduced by Christian Dior in 1947: Full skirt, tight body and wasp waist. A flower-woman with delicate shoulders, a narrow waist, and a corolla-like skirt. After the hardships of the war, Glamor returned to the cabinet.

Having passed the age in which the style had not yet been strengthened by conviction, the queen entered maturity in which virtue was consolidated by custom. His wardrobe has been his force de frappe, his Arsenal to give power and dignity to the Taj. Seventy years of dress for the world stage, with the clear imperative to harmonize with their personal tastes, displaying it as a work uniform that is strategically designed not for their good, but for the country.

what do your clothes mean

These ensembles of matching suits and coats carry a subtle or explicit message: on tour she wears a pin bearing the emblem of the host nation or commissions a dress with eye-catching motifs. Is subtle diplomacy It has its roots in her coronation gown, designed by Sir Norman Hartnell, a court couturier, with motifs from the United Kingdom and many Commonwealth countries.

the queen wears bold tone Because you need to stand out from the crowd. Even her hat choice is strategic, making sure her face is fully visible, yet still completely dressed. Since 2014 they are created by Rachel Trevor Morgan. Fashion designer Stewart Parveen, shoemakers Anello & David and the Launr brand handbags have developed a subliminal but eloquent language for her.

Elizabeth II at a party in Buckingham Gardens

Elizabeth II at a party in Buckingham Gardens in 2010.getty

His style personifies opportunity and restraint. They are expensive handmade garments, but they are neither fashionable nor exotic; They are striking (you have to see them from afar); simple (myths have no body); Almost needy (that queen you could be). In fact, watching him wash the dishes over the long summer at Balmoral, makes you feel dizzy that it could be you. No woman uses her wealth so sparingly.

It doesn’t go into fashion, but it creates style

Rani doesn’t want to set any trend. This leaves other people with less important work to do. Your clothes should be different, not sensational. You have to invent a figure to win over the audience. Nothing new is needed, just choose a model that works. in queen High-profile female political figures have been inspired That they need a style that offers chivalry. Like Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan believed style was a powerful weapon in the White House and became so closely associated with the red suit that the particular shade was dubbed Reagan Red.

Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton He imitated the colour-blocked female tailor, which was heavily influenced by the queen. They themselves became the blocks that stand out and endure.

new generation of queens

Now we see the Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Letizia, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Marie of Denmark or Mette-Marit of Norway in a prt– porter dress when off duty and for some engagements. but Court dress code When it really matters, wear a high-octane design to a formal reception.

You have to be careful to send the right message. Dress means and they mean it. Speak for them and for them. Baudrillard wrote that look is to say that I exist, here I am, I am an image. It is perhaps simulacrum, but not narcissism, it is an exhibition where each person becomes an entrepreneur of his own presence.

Like the Indian princes who carried Queen Victoria to Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth II dresses a system of signals Which expresses better than words that, although they have wings, we don’t fly where we want.

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