Elizabeth II to be absent from Queen’s speech “due to mobility problems”


The monarch will be absent from the traditional presentation of the official program and will hand over the baton to his son Carlos, prepared for the occasion by Camilla de Cornwall.

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Isabel II miss your annual appointment Queen’s Speech due to mobility problems. For the third time in his 70-year reign, he will abstain from the traditional presentation of the government program and will hand over the command to his son. carlosprepared for the occasion by Camilla of Cornwall,

Elizabeth II’s sudden announcement of absence from Parliament restarted speculation about the state of her health. The 96-year-old Samrat, who regularly uses a cane, contracted COVID in the winter and has himself confessed that i feel so bad,

“The Queen continues to face mobility problems and, in consultation with her doctors, has reluctantly decided to skip the State Opening of Parliament,” read a brief statement. Buckingham Palace,

boris johnson He complied with “His Majesty’s wishes” and expressed gratitude in advance to Prince Charles for personally reading out his government’s program speech for the coming year, in keeping with the tradition of the so-called Queen’s Speech.

The absence of Elizabeth II, who spent a night in the hospital and had mobility problems since last fall, when she suspended her program for more than three months, also re-activated the possibility that she would be an heir. assigned to the “Special Task”. Crown, pursuant to section 6 of the Regency Act.

Elizabeth II has inaugurated parliament session since 1952, with two exceptions—in 1959 and 1963—to be pregnant. Principe Anders And this Prince Edwardrespectively.

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