Elliot Page denounces that the producers of ‘Juno’ forced him to wear a costume to promote the film

The events happened in 2007, When Elliot Page Was Actually Ellen Page And, as they say now, “he didn’t come out of the closet” although he already considered himself a man.

Film awards season kicked off and Ellen has been nominated for major awards such as Oscars, BAFTAs and Golden Globes for her role in ‘Juno’, a sequence of red carpets in which she says, i had a bad time Because he couldn’t wear the kind of clothes he wanted.

“When ‘Juno’ was at the peak of its popularity, during awards season, I didn’t come out. I had to wear clothes and heels. I didn’t like it and didn’t know how to talk to anyone about it.”

The people who forced her to wear the looks she wanted instead of a suit were executives from the film’s production company, Fox Searchlight.

Elliot Page, when

Elliot Page, when he was Ellen Page at the 2008 Oscars.getty

But now he goes a step further and confirms that, whatever your sexual identity, “People should not be forced to dress a certain way, Because there are cisgender and straight women who may not like to wear such clothes.”

“I remember walking into the suit I wanted to wear and Fox Searchlight telling me: ‘No, you have to wear a dress’, So they took me to one of those fancy shops on Bloor Street,” the actor recalls.

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