Elon Musk denounces threats from Russia for the supply of satellites to Ukraine: “We will hold you accountable”


Twitter’s new owner warns on the platform: “If I die under mysterious circumstances, know it’s a pleasure to meet you”

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“If I die under mysterious circumstances, know that it was a pleasure to meet you.” overnight Elon Musk He turned the blood of his 91.5 million followers cold with a tweet as usual, but this time also disturbing.

threat? A man’s somber narcissism now a prisoner of his digital persona? The first reaction was his mother, may, which replies to his son from the “background” of his 665 thousand followers, apparently always on Twitter: “This is not funny.” After a few minutes, Elon tried to reassure her, always on the line: “I will do everything to stay alive.”

The explanation for the fifteenth explosion that is already driving its fans crazy (“You can’t die, the world needs you”) is provided by the founder Teslawho has published an English translation of the Russian text and a message that his arch enemy Dmitry Rogozin (master roscosmosRussian space agency, and very loyal Putin) would have been sent to the press organs of the government.

ragozin (who was also the Deputy Prime Minister Kremlin) states that, according to the testimony of a Ukrainian officer captured by the Russians, Col. Dmitry KormyankovCommander of 36. Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces Ukrainesatellite system terminal starlink supplied by Elon Musk Ukrainians were handed over to the “Nazis of the Battle Azovi and Ukrainian marines entered Mariupolmilitary helicopters to allow them to keep their connections active Internet Despite the destruction of the war.

According to this message, the delivery may have been caused by the active contribution of pentagono and he has been accused of musk After supplying military communications equipment to the fascist combat forces Ukraine,

The last danger is the one that worried the businessman: “That’s why ELONWe will hold you accountable as an adult, even if you continue to play dumb.” Since the start of the war, musk Used crude rhetoric, which is intimidating, but exposes the allegation of supplying military equipment musk For the risk of being considered a potential target of retaliation.

And the memory of the various cases of characters ending up with poisons and radioactive substances around the world must have kept the tycoon awake and he now admits he is afraid. Consistent with his media habits, he is convinced that the best way to defend himself is to sound the alarm in public.

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