Elon Musk opened the door to layoffs on Twitter


The South African millionaire did not confirm whether he would make the social network’s buyout option effective at $44,000 million

Elon Musk opened the door to layoffs on Twitter
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  • Twitter Elon Musk claims to be “committed” to buyout after sowing doubts about deal and stock sinking

Elon Musk was addressed for the first time to the employees of Twitter To clarify doubts about the company’s future several weeks after it submitted a buyout offer for the social network for $44,000 million. Musk, CEO of Tesla You space xAfter months of criticism for closing the accounts, the platform insisted on its own policy of freedom of expression, and left the door open for dismissal to clear the company’s accounts. San Francisco,

South African businessman, who has yet to confirm whether to proceed with the purchase of the company he founded jack dorsey, insisted in an hour-long videoconference that the company was losing money and that they would have to analyze the workforce to determine whether there would be cuts. He reassured, yes, those who are making a “significant contribution” to the company. “They have nothing to worry about.”

However, his words left a bitter taste among a section of the staff. According to CNBC, comments among employees were as follows: “rather negative” nature Once Musk has finished his speech, knowing that he will, to a large extent, telecommunications, a benefit that will clearly be limited if he eventually takes over the company.

reach their plans 1 billion daily users, according to data presented in its latest quarterly report, now has nearly five times the social network’s 229 million. “I want Twitter to contribute to a better and more enduring civilization in which we better understand the nature of reality,” he said, words and goals that were well received on Twitter in the moment. wall Street, Twitter headlines rose 1% during that hour of intervention in the middle of a dark day due to rising fears of a recession in the US.

However the operation is still up in the air. The global collapse of markets has pulled shares of the social network in recent weeks. $54.20 That Musk offered to privatize 37 in which they have now turned. Tesla has also lost more than half of its value in a few months, which could torpedo the deal. Musk has cited Twitter’s lack of transparency in sharing information about his fake accounts as the main reason he pulled out of the deal.

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