Elon Musk says allowing Donald Trump to return to Twitter


He has called Twitter’s decision to permanently expel Trump “stupid” as well as “morally wrong”.

Donald Trump, last February.
Donald Trump, last February.Chandan KhannaAFP
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Businessman Elon Musk, Which in all likelihood. will become the next owner of Twitter, has announced that allow Donald Trump Back to social networks Musk, who made these statements at an event organized by the newspaper financial Times, have rated Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Trump from “stupid” As well as “morally wrong.”

The former President of the United States of America was expelled from the stage in January 2021 after his followers created an uproar united states congress in an attempt to prevent the confirmation of the electoral victory of Joe Biden Trump has also been expelled from here in the election held two months ago. Facebook, However, that network will investigate the former president’s prohibition in June next year. Trump has announced that, even if Twitter accepts him, he will not return to the platform on which he served as a defender for his political career. Conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Musk, true to form, He did not elaborate on how he would lift the ban. to trump. He simply said, “I will lift the permanent ban, we should not impose a permanent ban.” The businessman said that the then President was banned Posting on Twitter did not work to “silence Trump’s voice”. before the opposite. “It raised it between the right. And that’s why it’s morally wrong and utterly foolish,” he concluded.

Musk has launched shopping offer $44 billion (approximately 42,000 million euros) by Twitter, after which he will be the main shareholder. according to the newspaper wall street journal, Founder of electric car company Tesla and plans for space travel company SpaceX Twitter’s IPO is to be made in three years.

Musk made the remarks at a conference on the automotive sector in which he reiterated that Tesla will bring fully autonomous cars to market in the coming months, a promise he has been repeating since 2014.

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