Emet activates first heat alert of the year in Madrid and Andalusia


The maximum temperature for this Thursday is expected to be 36 °C and in the Guadalquivir Valley they will exceed 38 °C

A passerby approaches a fountain in a Madrid park this Tuesday.  scorching heat return
A passerby walks past a fountain in a Madrid park.EFE
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The State Meteorological Agency (Amet) has activated a heat alert with the forecast for maximum temperatures to be 36 degrees Celsius in Madrid this Thursday and 38 degrees Celsius in Cordoba, Granada, Jan and Seville.

The Yellow Alert is activated for the South, Vegas and West areas of the Madrid Community at 12:00 PM and will end at 8:00 PM. A notice that will focus on the Tagus Valley and for the time being, will not be repeated on Friday, as the temperature has dropped somewhat.

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it’s about Emmet’s first heat alert This year and one of the earliest on record. At least until now in the 21st century Madrid had never recorded such a high temperature in the month of May, For example, last year the first yellow alert for summer was activated on July 2.

Also, Emmet plans to activate this Thursday, Yellow level information for temperatures up to 38 degrees in the regions of the Andalusian provinces Cordoba, Granada, Jan and SevilleAs stated on its website, which also reports that a yellow alert is expected Strong waves off the coasts of Almera and Cadiz.

With regard to heat warnings, they are expected to occur in rural areas in Córdoba, in the Genil Basin in Granada, in the Guadalquivir Valley in January and in Murray and Condado and in Seville. All alerts for high temperature are activated at 12:00 PM and end at 8:00 PM.

On the other hand, a warning of Coastal Events is expected on the coast of Cadiz and in the Strait of Cadiz from 12:00 noon and will last throughout the day.

Finally, a Wave Alert is forecast for Almeria, Pointe and the Capital from 3:00 PM and Levante from 6:00 PM. In both the regions, warnings are expected to continue for the remaining days.


When it is very hot, health can be affected, especially in the case of the elderly, chronically ill or children, and that is why Health recommends protecting oneself from the heat. should be staying home during the hottest hours of the day And if you have to go out, use light colored clothes And wear a hat or cap on your head.

It also urges you to avoid physical exertion and schedule sports activity first thing in the morning or late afternoon. You’ll have to close the shutters, pull up the awning, and take advantage of the coolest hours of the day to ventilate the house. Also, no one, people or pets should be left in a vehicle exposed to sunlight in the summer.

it’s good to be cold Use water to refresh your body, from wet clothes, shower or bathtub to bathing in swimming pool or in areas set up for it. If your home doesn’t have air conditioning or a cold room, you can find relief at a mall, movie theater, library, museum, or any other refrigerated public place.

you have to stay Take care of well hydrated and food And drink fluids frequently, eat in small amounts. If you are taking any medications, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor or pharmacist if it is necessary to adjust the dosage, and it is recommended that you ask for help from a relative, neighbor, or if you feel So call your health center. Unwell due to heat. If symptoms worsen, contact 112.

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