Emir of Qatar announces investment of 4,700 million euros in Spain


It does so because of its “confidence in the soundness of the Spanish economy”. Felipe VI celebrated “strategic union”

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Pedro Sanchez congratulates the king and the emirBallesterosEFE

He had promised an important announcement and the Emir of Qatar kept his word. Thus, at the lavish dinner held at the Royal Palace after an intense day, Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani I affirm the faith”the strength of the spanish economy“and order”increase investment in Spain at $5,000 million” (4,700 million euros). This important announcement came at the end of his speech, which was supported by Felipe VI, who in his speech “highlighted the fact that we have made the decision”. elevate this great relationship for a strategic partnership”.

The king recalled that there is friendship with the Arab countries a required column of foreign and Euro-Mediterranean policy. In addition, he said that Spain wants to continue strengthen your presence In the Gulf region, an area with which there have been close talks but, as he said, they want to establish a more stable and strategic relationship.

The king, aware of the country’s economic and strategic importance in the world, thanked Reliance Qatar has shown in our economy and its determined will To remain one of the main investors in Spain. Don Felipe also referred to the appointment that the Qatari delegation made today at the Business Forum. We are sure that Qatar value leadership of Spanish companies, he said. Following this, the Emir of Qatar invited the King and Queen to the opening ceremony of the World Cup to be held in Qatar on 21 November.

This Tuesday was the first gala dinner at the Royal Palace without a mask. Hundreds of guests from the worlds of industry and culture gathered in the throne room to kiss hands. Queen Letizia wanted to make a gesture with Amir and Shekha and slopes that at lunch he had given, Some splendid jewelry that belongs to the national heritage.

the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez; Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albers; The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, and the Minister of Culture, Mikel Iketa, representatives of the government, were invited. Congress President Meritxel Bette, Senate President Ander Gil and President of the General Council of the Judiciary Carlos Lessmes were also present.

At the business level, the President of the CEOE participated Antonio Garamendi; Jose Ignacio Sanchez GalloPresident of Iberdrola; Rafael Del PinoPresident of Ferrovial; Esther Alcosar KoplowitzChairman of the FCC, Jose Manuel EntrecanalesAcciona. President of, Anna Botton, President of Santander; You Marta Loverez, President of the English Court.

The Royal Guard’s music unit brought the dinner to life, where they played songs ranging from more classics to remixes of the most famous ABBA songs. Guests tasted the menu prepared ramen freaks With Tuna Belly Tartare based on white and green asparagus, sticky rice and grouper with cherries, fresh cheese and Sichuan peppercorns.

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