Emirates joins Saudi Arabia and Malaysia in banning ‘lightyear’ for gay kissing


The scene was originally cut by Disney and made to the apparent opposition of Pixar animators.

Image from the movie 'Lightear'
Image from the Pixar film ‘Lightear’, opening this Friday.AP
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The United Arab Emirates on Monday announced a ban on Pixar’s animated film.light year“, the first film from these great American studios that includes a scene A kiss between two people of the same sex.

In particular, it is a kiss between the character’s lead Space Ranger Alisha that became famous in the saga.Toy Story’, and his companion. according to the magazineDiversity, This scene was originally cut from the final footage by Disney. But it was replaced after protests by Pixar animators and outrage over the mouse company’s support for the so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill,

The decision of the United Arab Emirates thus adds to the decision already adopted Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, This restriction has also come as a bit of a surprise. The Gulf state, which includes the Emirate of Dubai, and which houses the Ministry of Tolerance, is relatively liberal compared to its neighbours. But they stick to a number of restrictions in the political and social sphere.

“The Animasin Film”light year‘, which is scheduled to release on 16 June, is not authorized to be screened in any cinema in the UAE, because For non-compliance with the rules relating to media content in force in the country”announced the Office of Media Regulation on Twitter.

According to this organization, which depends on the Ministry of Culture and Youth, all films are “subject to monitoring and evaluation prior to the date of launch to the public, to ensure that the content transmission is appropriate.With age ratings.”

The ban comes six months after the country announced that films shown in cinemas would not be censored, only assessed on the basis of age. With a new category for less than 21 years.

Censorship is a common measure in the Arab world, especially in the conservative Gulf region. Films that contain scenes that are considered contrary to the country’s traditions are often cut or even banned.

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