Emmanuel Macron asked for “relentless action” after being invested so that France would be “a more independent nation”.


The ceremony, with barely fifty guests, took place before noon in the party room of the Aleso Palace and was attended by former presidents François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Emmanuel Macron sworn in as President of France

Five years ago, in his first inaugural address as President of France, the newly elected presidency Emmanuel Macron Said: “In times like these, the world and Europe need us more than ever”. the country had just bloodiest attack in its history, the situation today, after a pandemic and in the midst of a war in europeEqually important and that is why yesterday the recently re-elected President once again emphasized this message.

In his inaugural address, long sign on english vowel He has called for “tireless action” to “become a more independent nation” and to “build on our French and European responses to the challenges of our century”. To this end, the head of state showed in his, ten minute speech, his ambition to preside with “a new method” to “plan, improve, add French”. He swore “a more habitable planet and a stronger France”.

act first to avoid any increase after ” Russian invasion of UkraineTo help democracy and the courage to win, to build a new European peace and a new autonomy on our continent,” he declared.

“Serve our country, a miracle of will power and freedom of men. Serve our fellow citizens whose sense of duty and patriotism is our safest asset, Serve our children and our youth (…), to whom I swear to give a more habitable planet and a living and strong France,” he insisted.

In the face of the challenges faced, the head of state has shown his ambition to “invent a new method, away from the old rites and choreography”, to “plan, improvise, associate”. “Government, administration, parliament, social partners, unions working together and connecting all the active, political, economic, social and cultural forces of the whole country to decide and do”, he underlined.

The ceremony, with barely fifty guests, took place before noon, in the ballroom of Elysee Palace and the former president was present francois holland You Nicolas Sarkozy,

The program began with the entry of Macro Alsou Palace Festival Hall Right after it is done by the presidents of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrandand the Senate, grand larcherCastex and the president’s wife, Brigitte.

President of the Constitutional Council, who is none other than the former Socialist Prime Minister laurent fabiusHe was in charge of declaring the results of the elections held in April.

Decorating work on the occasion it’s quieter, given that the conditions are not conducive to much fanfare. internationally, war in ukraine This presents a complex scenario, and the latest presidential elections have shown that France is fragmented: traditional parties have almost disappeared and extremists won a majority share in the presidential elections a few weeks ago.

Macron was re-elected on 24 April defeating the far right Marine Le Pen With 58% of the support, compared to 41%, which he received, the centrist emerged victorious but achieved the best result in party history. Furthermore, in the first round, the Left leaders, Jean Luc MlenchonGained 22% support.


Legislative elections are held in a matter of weeks and alliances are being negotiated to obtain a majority that allows governance. One of the president’s main challenges is to gain dynamism so as not to agree with other forces, although the Left is moving to make it difficult for him.

Leader of La France Insumisa, Jean-Luc Mlenchonhas managed to unite communists, environmentalists and even socialists around its anti-systems and Eurosceptic project, which has exacerbated internal fractures within this party.

It is the one that governed before Emmanuel Macron’s arrival in Alsoo and its ranks include both the current President and mlenchon, But today it is almost on the verge of extinction.

The President should appoint a new Prime Minister in the month of May before the legislative elections. what the figure has to be john castex, Macron’s close aides had indicated that it could be a woman. She will become the first female head of government of the Fifth Republic. Several names were considered, including a former director of the IMF. Christine LagardeO! vronik badagueFormer Chief of Staff to the former Prime Minister, Manuel Walls, socialist too Valerie Rabault,

According to the French press, all candidates have rejected the President’s offer. For now, ahead of the legislative long sign on english vowel He has renamed his party, The Republic on the Move, to be renamed Renaissance. It was the name of a list submitted by the presidential majority in the 2019 European elections.

Macron has taken advantage of divisions within the socialist ranks to add to the majority of the president, who are disappointed with the agreement. mlenchon, He also has centrist leaders on his side. Francois BerouOf modemand former prime minister philippe dourd,

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