Emmanuel Macron associates renewal and continuity with his new government


Familiar faces continue, such as the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, and the Interior, Grld Darmin, and many loyal to the President are promoted.

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French President Emmanuel Macron at Alseo in Paris.AFP
  • France The French Government Accidentally Announces Its Resignation

The French Presidency announced the creation of a new government this Friday, which combines renewal and continuity, as the minister of the economy, Bruno Le Maire, and the minister of the interior, Grld Darmarin, follow stalwarts.

conservative diplomat Catherine ColonnaAccording to the list announced by Alexis Köhler, the secretary general of Alseo, the government’s spokesman will be the head of foreign affairs during Jacques Chirac’s presidency.

The new executive also includes many loyal Macronistas who have been promoted, such as Former Foreign Minister Olivia GrogoireShe became the new spokesperson of the French Executive.

Reema Abdul Malak, the presidential adviser, comes out of oblivion to head the Ministry of Culture, replacing the conservative Rosaline Bachelot, while Stanislas Gurini, the general representative of President Emmanuel Macron’s party, will deal with the public ceremony.

Among the 17 ministries announced, six representative ministers and four secretaries of state, other names from the Macronist environment stand out, such as the head of health who managed the pandemic, Olivier VranoWho becomes the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister responsible for relations with the Parliament.

Health Ministry will fall now Brigitte BourguignonThe former Socialist deputy in 2012 and then La Repubblica en Marcha in 2017 along with Macron’s party, renamed “Renaissance” in 2022.

it also stands out Amalie de MontchalinOne of the youngest faces of the new executive, 36 years old, now Minister of Ecological Transition and Reconciliation of Territories, while Agnes Pannier Runcher Be the Minister of Energy Transition.

Justice minister, controversial lawyer repeat in office Rick Dupond-Morettiand former expatriate minister Substian Lecornu Will now deal with defence, while Macronist deputy yall braun-pivate Be in charge of the foreign country.

historian Pap Nd’iayeProfessor at the prestigious Science Po University and director of the Museum of Immigration, Minister of National Education and Youth, and Head of Higher Education and Research Physicist sylvie retaileluFrom the direction of the University of Paris-Saclay.

The name changes of some ministries were surprising, such as Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, as well as Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, which fell midway. Mark Fesnau,

This claim of sovereignty coincides with Macron’s promises to increase the country’s autonomy and independence in industrial and food production.

conservative Damien Abadowho recently left the leadership of the parliamentary group of the conservative party Los Republicans to become Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities.

Finally, the portfolio of sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games has so far gone to the Director of the French Tennis Federation, Amlie Ouda-Castra,

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