Emmet warns of “potential” first heat wave this year


The heat returned to Spain and this Friday the temperature in the Guadalquivir Valley will reach 40

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The occurrence of such high temperatures above 35 degrees over the peninsula and Balearic Islands this weekend makes it “possible” that we are facing this. first heat wave of the yearState Meteorological Agency (Amet) spokesman Ruban del Campo has upgraded.

“It is still too early to confirm this,” Del Campo said, “but if it is confirmed it will be”.one of the earliest recorded“, because the most advanced date began on 11 June, 1981,

We have “an acute episode of high temperatures” ahead of us and, although thermometers will drop somewhat from tomorrow, Wednesday. Thursday The increase will be “widespread and likely until at least next Monday or Tuesday”, with day temperatures expected to be very high over 35 degrees 40 degrees in most of the country, in the valleys of Guadalquivir, Guadiana, and perhaps even in the Ebro.

probably will start from saturday 11 or Sunday 12, however it is necessary that a series of factors, such as in this case, hot air and high pressure at the source, which cause a downward movement from the high level to the surface and in this descent, the air is compressed. And it gets even hotter.

In this circumstance we have to add shine the sun And, in June, it’s very high above the horizon, so it heats the surface very efficiently and since the air doesn’t move much because it’s a stationary state, it prevents it from being distributed.

Waiting for Sunday and Monday, the spokesperson continued, the heat may increase due to the formation of A. low pressure area into the Atlantic, which from its position would inject “very warm air coming from the north of the African continent”

Cyclone Tropical “Lex”

heat case what will happen this week Spain and which bring the thermometer between the values five and ten degrees above the normal value is due to the effect of alexfirst atlantic tropical cyclone North of the hurricane season, which began on June 1, according to meteorologist Samuel Byner.

Thus, meteorologists predict that ‘Alex’ will already approach the European continent tropical and shoot peninsula temperatures, because during the first half of the week, it’s expected max 35 c. at over Rain in the south and north and the temperature between Thursday and Friday will increase by 10 degrees Celsius above normal values.

In particular, it warns that Friday It will be a very hot day in the Guadalquivir Valley, where they reach MS D 40 C.

‘Alex’ deserves attention, despite its distant debut mircolasThe temperature will increase further from the second fortnight of the week. Thus, as an extratropical cyclone, it will reach Iceland and the vicinity of the British Isles around Friday. From there it will indirectly affect the peninsula, as it will push an anticyclonic ridge with warm air towards the European continent.

In addition, the “Iberian oven” would restart and the peninsula would “make its own heat”: the Thursday prices will rise from the Atlantic side and 40C. Will reach to In Cordoba and Seville, while many points in the southern half and areas of Gran Canaria will see maximum temperatures between 34 and 37C.

Friday Temperatures will rise on the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, except at points in the strait and extreme north, where they will fall. In the valley of Guadalquivir and in the plains of Guadiana If it reaches 40C, While in many areas of interior and southern part, they will exceed 35C. Rain and cool weather will continue on the Cantabrian side and the north coast of Galicia, while trade winds will stand out over the Canary Islands.

If the situation persists, in the interior of the peninsula The daytime value is 10 °C above the normal temperature for dates.

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