En-Nesyri reaches the Champions League for Sevilla and enters Atlético’s farewell to Luis Suárez. LaLiga Santander 2021


The African striker equalized Gimenez’s goal in five minutes. Third place will be decided on the last day.

En-Nesiri equalized for Sevilla.
En-Nesiri equalized for Sevilla.jose jordanAFP
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The mystery will remain until the end to find out who will be the team with the seven million euros. With that nice pinch that gets the third overall. For a long time it seemed that the honor belonged to Atlético, whose stand fired Luis Suárez at the height of his figure’s mean. He said goodbye to his stadium with his three children. It seemed that the header of Gimenez Will solve the issue. But Sevilla found their prize, a Champions League place for the next year, in the redemption of En-Nesiri, who needed three to start that final match. Rosiblancos will play for third place in San Sebastian, against a Real team that can achieve little and has nothing to lose.

Atletico appeared free in body, head and spirit in the last game of the season in the Metropolitano. That last peak yet to be conquered was third place. A ribbon that hides seven million euros. For this reason, with the Champions League starting from Wednesday rojiblancos, in search of Sevilla casually launched. A special afternoon in that corner of Madrid, because it was the last louis suarez On the grass of that stadium that he couldn’t enjoy last season’s live, when he unearthed the goals of the legend that is already indelible. nor will there be any more trot Hector Herrera, Perhaps, when the next season starts, there will be a few more to be missed in just three months.

Atletico showed intensely, he forgot the vice of taking away the minutes, which has conditioned him several times in this dying season. He pressed the exit of the Sevilla ball and took out his fang without complex. in one of them, from paulThe protagonist in Elche, plows a ball to the side and out of the corner of his eye, he sees his friend louis suarez, Uruguay, which has goal scoring in its blood, no matter what age (35), saw only goals. His projection, exceedingly exceeded, accompanied him Prohibit: With Luc a few meters away, Carrasco being carried away by demons, wondering what he could do with that ball, was detected by the Uruguayan.

Jimnez’s hammer blow

maybe, as intense as a story reinaldo, He has been in Madrid for a little over three months, but, due to his supernatural adaptations, it seems that he has been here for fifteen years. They suggest in the stands that it is enough to breathe on their rivals, as if it were actually the fire of a dragon. The African did not spare a single player from Sevilla, who fell in his jaws one after the other. Also, from his head, the first goal of the game could have jumped. An inch was missing. RhineA totem is on its way to becoming a pole as they call him to the stands.

The Andalusian team seemed to be awake, as if falling asleep at the erratic end of the course. And with en-nesri’s shoes and gallop, he must have done it well. The beating ram came before Oblak, but crossed excessively without any explanation. Lopetegui rounds the wing to make up for the missed opportunity. And it will do even more when, moments before the hydration break, the head of Gimenez He patted the ball while the Sevilla defense wondered what had happened. A corner kick from Carrasco ended and Bono could only testify damage from the blow.

Arguably, Sevilla quickly changed their arguments, as third place, which seemed like a fact in February, was slipping out of their hands. I grabbed Navas and Corona and, minutes later, Jigar Torres and Rafa Mir. A loud touch of slate to try to turn the afternoon which Atlético handled without haste. Because he didn’t even ask for a miracle from Oblak.

En-Nesyri. redemption of

The afternoon at the Metropolitano could have been round, but Luis Suarez missed his iron shot by an inch and no matter how hard they tried for him, especially his friend De Paul, he was on his last episode at home. Could not sign. At least not with goals. An hour later, after enthusiastically thanking a banner that the Legends win (“Thank you Lucho for making us champions”), he ends up with his hair up at the ends and an intense one from Simeone as the finishing touches. He went to the bench with a hug. Suarez’s tears from that other Luis are also part of his brief but profound story.

Bono, the goalkeeper destined to succeed Oblak in Zamora, is frightened by a malicious shoe. from paul And heaved a sigh of relief to see how the ball hit servantEnded up dodging his unprotected goalkeeper.

he’ll run into oblak’s crossbar n-nesiri, when Sevilla Bench thinks they see a tie. His lack of aim seemed like a condemnation to his people. But after a brilliant header from behind in the third, he found a solution against the opponent’s goal. Something that assures them the Champions League for the next season. blanket from there lopeteguiDespite the anger of local fans.

The high tension duel ended in a draw and without resolving the owner of that third step of the podium. For that we will have to wait another week.

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