Enrique López’s curve: Ayuso’s possible replacement in the presidency to separate from ‘minister’ with Casado and in Madrid government


Stop being ‘number two’ after Enrique Osorio’s appointment as new ‘strong man’

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  • analysis Enrique Osorio, Ayuso’s ‘Square’ in PP battle

Isabel Diaz Ayusso has revamped her government to reward the adviser who was most loyal in her fight against the PP’s old leadership and who publicly refused to stand up for her, but the next one years later without triggering a new fire. Election. The solution he found to this dilemma is to appoint Enrique OsorioThe vice president of the community of Madrid thus removes the move Enrique Lopezwhat was real until now number two Puerta del Sol executive K.

The judge on leave was a very close person to Pablo Casado and, in fact, he joined the regional executive in the first legislature – an alliance with Ciudadanos – within the quota of the charge of the party’s already former leader. In his second term, now free of Gnova’s patronage, the regional leader decided to give him the Presidency Portfolio in recognition of his work during the pandemic as he masterminded the successful legal battle against Pedro Sánchez’s team for managing the coronavirus crisis . ,

Even then, Ayuso’s trust in Lopez was never completeHe proved it by escaping from the crown with the post of vice-president. In order to prevent him from accumulating excessive power and public risk, nor did he entrust him with the role of official spokesman, traditionally associated with the Community of Madrid, which holds the position. number two And that Osorio himself has practiced – and will continue to do – after his promotion.

climax of misunderstanding in engine room De Soul arrived before the magistrate 24 hours after the internal earthquake, which led to the publication in the Special K el Mundo on an attempt to employ a spy agency to spy on the presidential entourage in PP. On the morning of 18 February, a summons was sent to the media announcing its presence at a press conference along with two other directors to clarify the matter. contract for the purchase of masks that he was at the center of controversy, but that he ultimately did not come to terms with the appointment.

Lopez favors putting on cruise By refusing to defend the publicly received commission of 55,850 euros toms daz ayuso To participate in that purchase during the first wave of the pandemic. She was tensed by the fact that Gonova – where she would be seen as Casado’s minister of justice if he arrived at La Moncloa – would likely slip away that he would be the replacement for the popular Baroness in the event. Fell for brother’s talk too.

In spite of everything, he would continue to lead the presidency minister until the end of the legislature, as it is believed in the regional executive that is an asset For its undeniable legal baggage. What changes is that from now on he will have Osorio in the hierarchy above him, for whom the figure of vice president has been recovered, ended after the expulsion of Ciudadanos from the alliance.

Ayuso and Osorio.
Ayuso and Osorio.community of madrid

No councilor is isolated, all will maintain equal rights. I trust everyone and from the outset, Ayuso personally argued this Wednesday after announcing the new structure, trying to downplay the fact that Lopez displaced it. In fact, I believe we have the most stable government in the whole of Spain, he said before recalling that he retained all the high positions of his first term except that Mara Eugenia Carbaldowhom he replaced as Speaker of the Madrid Assembly after the 2021 elections.

In the last leg of the legislature, Osorio becomes the strongman of Puerta del Sol, a role to be associated with. Education and University Portfolio which he is still holding. In fact, he is becoming a battered ram in Madrid’s fight against the central executive for changes in the educational curriculum being transferred to new textbooks.

Beyond his position as spokesman for the regional government, the new number two He also became Ayuso’s chief public defender in the PP’s fraternal war. While this situation caused deep uneasiness for those who were forced to put themselves to one side or the other, they blatantly accused the national leadership of the party of crossing all limits of morality and decency from the very beginning. Didn’t hesitate to put it.

Osorio will also take over López’s chair in the Madrid assembly, so the regional president will no longer be required to sit next to someone who is in photos of Thursday’s plenary session. was never in its narrowest circle And who now subtly sets aside a little more to save himself from another peril.

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