Entrevas, the series of moments with which Jose Coronado triumphs (again)


The Mediaset production, which has already been broadcast on Telecinco, has just been released on Netflix with great success.

Jose Coronado with his co-star Nona Sobo.

It is one of the series of this time, although little has been said about it. Its Recent Addition to the Netflix Catalog Just Confirmed success of entrevas, It premiered on Telecinco last February, with an average of 1.6 million viewers per episode. Its jump on stage has placed the production of Mediaset Spain, starring José Coronado, as Brand’s second most viewed streaming in the last week. At the moment, Netflix only has the first season of this cop thriller, which has eight episodes, but it is expected that a second one will be added soon, along with another eight, which ended on May 17th on the traditional television channel.

The title refers to the neighborhood of the same name in Madrid where the plot takes place. A neighborhood that presents itself as problematic, where crime is the daily bread and where drug lords are lords and lords. There he lives and works in his hardware store Tirso Abantos (Coronado), a former Bosnian War soldier who is not intimidated by his surroundings and he is forced to help his teenage granddaughter, who has gotten into trouble with some criminals.

Luis Zahera as Ezequiel (left) and Josso
Luis Zahera as Ezequiel (left) and Jose Coronado (Tirso).

During the first season, a tough guy, Tirso, who goes beyond the politically correct and who defines himself as an “old school bastard”, is exposed to gang members, drug dealers, corrupt policemen, and even gang members. That criminals also have to face. But keeping everything under control is not easy. Adding to the daily tension in the neighborhood are her frequent clashes with her rebellious granddaughter of Vietnamese origin, an unruly girl with a strong character, who only thinks of eloping with her delinquent lover. Coexistence between them becomes impossible, and when he decides to throw in the towel with her, a horrific incident brings the worst of the war to the fore in a quest for revenge, something that affects her, her business, and her life. will bring dire consequences for him. family..

Series created by David Bermejo, Entrevas. There were many criticisms among residents of, located in the Puente de Vallecas district, did not agree with the negative vision with which the neighborhood was depicted. However, the producers point out that everything is fictional and that it represents any working class neighborhood of the 21st century, with its problems, that exist in any major Spanish city. The production was shot in the areas of Villaverde Alto, Puente de Vallecas and La Latina.

Jose Coronado is with the cast, nona sobo (Irene, her granddaughter), louis zahera (Ezekiel, the dishonest corrupt police), Philip London (Nelson, Irene’s gang member boyfriend) and Laura Ramoso (police chief).

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