Equality wants painful periods to be considered a temporary disability: “It’s like the flu”


Parity proposes three-day permit for menstruation with severe pain

Irene Monteiro and Eoin Belara at an event in Madrid.
Irene Monteiro and Eoin Belara at an event in Madrid.Europa Press
  • Policy Damage from a painful rule divides government: “We will not take measures that stigmatize women”
  • Equality Irene Monteiro finalizes reform that would allow minors under the age of 16 and 17 to have abortions without parental permission

ministry of equality A pioneering measure is proposed in the bill on abortion to treat the most painful of periods as a reason to take time off from work. The key is that it is a pain to be considered disabling. It will not be suitable for a little discomfort or just a headache.

The proposal proposes that these rules, which include women suffering from serious illness, be included in the list of causes of temporary disability to give legal protection to doctors to decide the period of sick leave. Initially three days.

From the Ministry of Equality they explain that it is not in any case for days of discomfort or slight discomfort, but for severe cases, for the most part, related to medical problems such as endometriosis or polycystic ovaries, which are not only severe pain cause abdominal pain, but also symptoms such as headache, fever or diarrhea.

It will be like a flu, explain ministry sources. In other words, a woman suffering from these pains will have to go to her health center so that her family doctor can help her discharge. It will be the doctor who will certify that the condition is the cause of temporary disability. Just like when someone has the flu and goes to the doctor to take a break from work because they feel sick.

A woman with disabling pain can go to a health center today if she feels too sick to try to use temporary sick leave for her symptoms, but adding it to the list of causes of temporary disability means no It also aims to end arbitrariness and will provide complete protection to women suffering from these problems, because unlike the flu, menstrual pain has a periodic factor.

The measure has created a huge social debate and created a divide within the government as to whether or not it stigmatizes women. For now it is a proposal to draft legislation and it goes ahead, it is at the cost of negotiations which are currently open between equality and ministry of social security, However, in the last place it should also have the approval of the General Directorate of Economic Policy. ministry of economic affairs of Nadia Calvio, because we must not overlook that there will be an obvious cost of this measure to Social Security. Well, menstruation will work just like any other sick leave.

They insist on behalf of the Ministry of Equality that he must pass through the health center in any case. You can’t just use words before work. It may happen that you have medical certificates that need to be renewed once a year.

The debate on the matter, mainly due to the confrontation between ministers from PSOE and United We Can, has been overshadowed by the fact that the bill has other open fronts and talks between the two government partners. All matters will have to be expeditiously so that it reaches the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, as Monteiro wishes.

One of these talks is with equality claims to eliminate VAT on feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins or tampons, which is now at 10% and will take some 30 million. Equality would also like to include diapers, raising the cost to $100 million. The repression seems too hard and the reference could be a coalition agreement, which pointed to a reduction of 4%.

Another issue under discussion is that pregnant women may be likely to have paid and voluntary leave from 36 weeks until delivery to prepare for that moment. Parity hopes to achieve this as it says it will be covered by a European directive.

talks are also included Ministry of Justice, To study the proposal in this case that Spanish courts prosecute people who resort to surrogacy – the so-called surrogate mother – even if she is abroad and legally in those countries. It is banned in Spain.

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