ERC, Bildu and BNG promote reform of Yolanda Diaz’s labor reform to recover 45-day severance pay


Allies of the government attempt to retrieve the demands that led to a settlement between social agents sponsored by the second vice president.

The second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda D.
Yolanda Daz, the second Vice President and Minister of Labor, in an Act on Labor Reform.resin expensiveWorld

The ERC, EH Buildau and BNG, the government’s three parliamentary allies, are trying to promote a reform of the recently approved labor reform in Congress due to the error of the PP deputy, which, in their opinion, are included in the law. And this explained his vote against it.

With the bill that they are already registered in the Chamber, the three forces expose the shortcomings of the agreement reached between the businessmen and unions and try to justify leftist voters, sponsored by the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, and incidentally. . because of their opposition to such an agreement.

The most outstanding point of the initiative is the recovery of compensation of 45 days’ salary per year for a maximum of 42 monthly payments in cases of unfair dismissal as well as reactivation of so called processing wages. Similarly, amendments to the reasons for dismissal are proposed; restoration of administrative authority in case of mass dismissal; New measures to deal with uncertainty, bias and instability at work; Amendments in the field of sub-contracting to strengthen real equality of rights and collective bargaining.

As such, the Bill establishes that the employer shall pay to the employee an amount equal to the sum of the wages not received from the date of dismissal, unless the notification of punishment declaring the disqualification of the same or other Has not got employment if such placement was prior to the said sentence. In addition, the employer must keep the worker registered with Social Security during the period corresponding to the wages specified in the previous provision.

Processing wages paid by the employer can be claimed from the state later. The employee can also make this claim in case the employer has been declared bankrupt.

The three forces that signed the bill explained that it “should be a starting point for a process of extensive debate, negotiation and agreement among social, trade union and political agents.” They state that it has the business of being “consistent and not exclusive with projects announced by the Ministry of Labour” and insist that its aim is “the achievement of a social and parliamentary agreement allowing the approval of a new ambitious and effective law”. responds to the demands of the working people in terms of labor law”.

In this sense, the ERC, Bildu and the BNG “call” the parliamentary forces to “reconfigure” a broad majority with the help of “the government—PSOE and United we CAN—and are part of the sovereignist and leftist forces”. To “recover and extend the labor rights of the workers of the State”.

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