ERC censors Sanchez and warns him: “You are the person in supreme control and in charge of the CNI”


ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufik
ERC spokesman Gabriel Ruffin in his speech.fernando alvaradoEFE

Explanation for Pedro Sanchez Pegasus Case They are far from satisfying the Catalan independence movement, whose Congress spokespersons have expressed their indignation at the lack of answers and the “milonga” told to them by the prime minister. Among them is his parliamentary partner, the ERC, which has led criticism against Sanchez’s attitude because he has placed responsibilities on the CNI or because he has now declared greater control over it when the service’s “highest control and person in charge” of espionage. is, he insisted, the president of the government.

Gabriel Ruffin has asserted that those who spy with a court order all share a common characteristic: “their ideology”. The ERC has urged Sanchez to explain why he spied on the current president of the Generalitat, Peter AragonsAnd if you think this person is as dangerous as drug smuggler or jihadi.

The ERC spokesperson has also summoned the 47 people in the list to clarify the matter. civil laboratory and whose alleged espionage is not motivated by judicial authority.

In this sense, he has questioned whether Spain has “cleaned the sewers” of the state and described the attitude of the defense minister, Margaret OaksInsisting on the CNI’s own defense of “toxic patriotism”.

The ERC spokesman reminded Sánchez that “power can never be above morality, that a state and a government cannot have a parallel life, that a country with a law of silence is a mafia and for Spain The only way out. Full democracy has to be aware that it is not so”.

PDeCAT’s representative, Ferran Bell, one of the detectives with Pegasus and without judicial authority, tried to deflect responsibilities and reduce them by talking about corruption, in his attempt to blame PP. By making the President ugly. of PP.

Bell has insisted on the creation of a parliamentary inquiry commission and urged Sanchez to commit to a genuine dialogue table with the Generalitat, which goes beyond “photos”.

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