Escrive accuses employers of “aggressively” retiring people over 55 and “charging” the cost of Social Security


Inclusion Minister criticizes “established culture of early retirement” in front of Family Business Institute

Jose Luis Escrive, Minister of Social Security.Angel NavarreteWorld

Inclusive Minister, Jose Luis Escrivetook the place of the second vice president at the last minute, yolanda diazooThe diplomat has not been in front of an audience demanding a meeting of the Family Business Institute (IEF) and before some of the country’s leading businessmen.

Although Escrive has defended the family business model for having special social responsibility characteristics, he devoted part of his speech to the “established culture of early retirement” peddling businessmen. In a calm but forceful tone, Escrive expressed regret that companies abuse their employees’ early retirement in a way that they described as “offensive” and pointed to the “discrepancy” that it believes The activity rate in Spain is that workers between the ages of 55 and 75 are lower than in the rest of the European Union. ,Early retirement is recovering the cost of business restructuring for Social Security (…) This is not a solution. The Minister has not specifically accused the present family businessmen of this practice and, on the contrary, attached importance to the long-term management of this type of company, but took advantage of this business. Platform to launch a harsh message against workforce adjustment from the age of 55.

At the closing ceremony of the Family Business Institute’s annual meeting, Escrive stressed that “there is no more effective measure for the stability of the pension system than postponing the retirement age” to balance accounts. For this he wants that in the second part of the reform proposed for this year, to be introduced “Positive Incentives” For active and partial retirement. i.e. “reconciliation of salary and pension”.

The meeting was attended by, among others, the president of Acciona, Jose Manuel Entrecanalesfinanciers Juan March You Michael AbelPresident of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, sol dorelafrom barcelona, simon pedro barcelonaOne from Iberostar, Sabina Flux,

In his appearance, Escrive has rejected and downplayed criticism from several business organizations, including the Family Business Institute, against increasing contributions from the first part of pension reform.

The minister has closed the door for now for failing to comply with the commitment to raise pensions for the next year in line with inflation, even if it does go up. “The stability of the pension system is fundamental, but so is the Give certainty to pensioners and future pensioners,

Escrive also expressed regret that companies do not allocate more resources to training their employees and criticized the “concern” that exists about European funds, when it believes they should be “well done”. from” is being executed.

What he has connected with the audience is his belief that it has to be done.”Continuous assessment of the efficiency of public spending in Spain” Those who have acknowledged that this has not been done “adequately” in government.

Gamara requested “not demonizing”

The Family Business Institute (IEF) has promoted the popular party by inviting its General Secretary to attend the Assembly. Kuka Gamra, when the convention at its annual meeting is to solicit the participation of only members of government or state agencies. Asked by the Director General of the IEF, Gamra, for his part, assured, Jose Luis Blanco, that “the entrepreneur should not be demonized” and gave special importance to family businesses. ,Must be heard what the family business has to say, The philosophy behind the family business is to model what Spain is like,” said Gamara.

Sendagoreta, the new president

The IEF has elected Senor as its new President. Anders Sendagoorta, who assured in his first speech that “the family business is one of the key pillars on which Spanish civil society is based”. He has followed the line of his predecessor, mark puigo, whose mandate has expired, to demand that the government not impose more constraints and taxes on companies in this phase of the Spanish economy. ,We do not ask for favors nor do we seek privileges, What we ask is that we be taken into account and allowed to compete in the world without any burden or loss. They also claim that family businesses have always embodied the fashionable values ​​of corporate social responsibility and the long-term vision without looking for a quick profit. That is why he has defended this model of productive clothing “without regressive protectionism, but without dangerous ingenuity”, describing the family entrepreneurs as burdened with so many constraints and taxes as the most attractive thing. Company is to be sold.

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