Espadas and Moreno 19-J . meet on phone to ask for votes and abstain


PP and PSOE largely use marketing to approach voters in a ‘personal’ way

Andalusian President and PP candidate Juanma Moreno greets several women in the city of Granada yesterday.
Andalusian President and PP candidate Juanma Moreno greets several women in the city of Granada yesterday.EFE
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Hi, I am Juan Espadas, PSOE candidate for Junta de Andaluca. Thus the leaders of the Andalusian PSOE are presenting themselves personally to the thousands of Andalusians already elected, for whom these days landline From their address – a number with the Madrid prefix – not because they succumb to the most lucrative Internet offers on the market, but because they purchase For the next socialist candidate auction Elections on Sunday.

Socialist Party supported bot so that the message, and the candidate, reaches a handful of voters directly through their telephone line and with a recorded message In which the Swords introduce themselves – their level of knowledge is still very low – and the PPE encourages them to recover what has been lost in these three-and-a-half years of Ciudadanos’ coalition government.

they are almost three minutes It ends with the slogan that the socialists are repeating over and over in every act: if we vote, we win, a call for the mobilization of the socialist electorate with which they face one of their greatest threats. Which is 400,000 voters. 2018 stayed at home, they do it again or worse, they decide on other parties.

The candidacy of the Swords does not go back, it seems to be a fact beyond all the surveys that are known and that the PSOE is using all its artillery. From army in reserve From socialist barons and ministers deployed and deployed throughout Andalusia during the campaign, to the most sophisticated marketing and that the party has already used in other election calls, such as the previous regional elections in Catalonia and Madrid.

pp, same as in 2018

But PSOE is not the only party that has resorted to telephone calls. Big, The Popular Party is also dialing hundreds of thousands of telephone numbers to personally inquire with potential voters of Juanma Moreno.

It’s exactly the same as it did in 2018, when the campaign organization hired a team to make phone calls to explain proposals To your interlocutors of PP.

Hello, I am calling you on behalf of President Juanma Moreno, this is an introductory greeting and it is not a recording, unlike the PSOE initiative. This allows the message to not only be launched, but also to be gather information Which can be very useful in the context of electoral strategy, because one of the questions asked is how he assesses Moreno’s work as head of the Andalusian government.

Four years ago, the people responsible for this marketing campaign targeted over a million people, giving an idea of ​​what the scope could be. It will aim to mobilize its own voters – especially given the fear of overzealousness and the temptation to go to the beach, in addition to launching an appeal. vote to,

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