Esperanza Aguirre, in the presentation of his portrait: “Many people will be grateful because they want to see me hanged”


Former PP leader confirms Ayuso is “the best president of Madrid’s community ever”.

I help Aguirre.
I help Aguirre.Miguel OssEFE

Esperanza Aguirre has always been one of the greatest exponents of outspoken politicians, and this Monday he displayed that style once again when he presented a portrait in tribute to his time as president of the Madrid community. “Many will be grateful because there are people who want to see me hanged,” the former regional leader assured in his speech at a ceremony held at the Royal Post Office, the seat of the regional government.

The former PP leader is also in line with the current head of government of Puerta del Sol, Isabel Diaz Ayusso, who has said of his predecessor that he is “one of the most extraordinary figures that our country’s politics has delivered recently. year.” Last year”. Above has returned the praise, assuring that he is “the best president the community of Madrid has ever had”.

Drawing portraits of former heads of government of Puerta del Sol was the beginning of a tradition that had been completed with Joaquín Leguina and Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, but which had been properly disrupted since Aguirre.

The painting is the work of Rafael Sidoncha, a painter chosen by Aguirre himself, and is priced at over 14,000 euros VAT. “It is much younger than Alberto,” observed the woman pictured, who had a public political conflict with her partner at PP Ruiz Gallardon.

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