EU Environment Commission approves ban on diesel and gasoline cars in 2035


The ENVI Commission has approved the shortening of the ban on the sale of polluting cars in the European Union by 5 years with effect from 1 January 2035.

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  • electric vehicles PSOE and Ciudadanos block proposal for more ‘green’ automotive industry in European Parliament

Environment Committee of the European Parliament (ENVI) approved today Ban on sale of new cars emitting polluting gases in EU member states from 2035, This means reducing the previous term which was established in the year 2040, by five years.

The result of the vote must be confirmed by the plenary session of the European Parliament, where decisions taken by MEPs participating in the Commission are usually not changed. It was also decided in the vote to ban new cars running on e-fuel. (synthetic fuels that are not derived from petroleum) intended for supercar brands such as Porsche, which is investing in this type of fuel so that its classic vehicle customers can transmit with them.

Another innovation introduced is that the emission reduction objectives which were set at 15 in relation to 2021 are reduced by 20% for passenger cars, while for vans and light commercial vehicles it remains at 15% Has happened. The emission limit is at 95 g/km of CO2 from 2021 for passenger cars and 147 g/km of CO2 for vans.

after all what did not appear as already published World tomorrow is Establishment of more restrictive intermediate emissions limits in 2027 and 2030Providing greater flexibility to the automotive sector to reduce emissions. These two classes, proposed by environmentalists, have been rejected due to the votes of Spanish MEPs from PSOE and Ciudadanos.

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