EU reaches an agreement to supply 110,000 vaccines against monkeypox


Doses will be distributed proportionately to the population, starting with the countries with the most urgent need.

A counterfeit vial labeled 'Monkeypox Vaccine'
A counterfeit vial labeled ‘Monkeypox Vaccine’Reuters
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The European Union has signed an agreement with the Bavarian Nordic for the supply of some 110,000 doses of vaccines against monkeypox, the European Union Commission and company said.

Vaccines will be purchased with EU funds and will be distributed to EU states, EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides has said.

las diet They will be distributed proportionately to the population, starting with the states with the most urgent needs. Delivery will start immediately and will be completed in the coming months, the company has said.

recorded around 900 cases of monkeypox in 19 EU countries and also in Norway and Iceland, who will be entitled to receive the dose notwithstanding not a member of the European UnionCommission has indicated.

Vaccination Danish biotech Bavarian Nordic, known as Imvanex in Europe and Genios in the United States, has been approved against chicken pox,

Vaccination It is not yet licensed against monkeypox in the European Union, the EU Commission said. “However, the smallpox vaccine also protects people from smallpox.” monkey poxSince this virus is closely related to the smallpox virus,” the commission said.

In talks with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Bavarian Nordic for quick approval. Some EU states, including Germany and Spainhas already placed its orders for the monkeypox vaccine.

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