EU responds to Boris Johnson’s demand: “unilateral measures are unacceptable and we will respond”

  • United Kingdom Sinn Finn challenges Boris Johnson over Irish protocol
  • Great Britain Boris Johnson acknowledges the “loss and anger” caused by the partygate and apologizes to the British Parliament

“Unilateral actions that contradict an international agreement are unacceptable” and, if they occur, they will respond “with the measures available”. The European Union systematically repeating this phrase, this idea, this core tenet of global relations and diplomacy for more than three years, but United KingdomOnce the epitome of credibility and respect for the law, it has decided to shut its ears once again. For the grievances of its former members of the Union, international law and commitments made.

The British Government has confirmed that in the coming weeks, Adopt legislation to abolish the Northern Ireland Protocol, that is, the mechanism created after years of negotiations in Northern Ireland to try to make Brexit as painless as possible and that the Good Friday agreement did not blow up. It’s a tool that’s proven useful since Since Britain’s exit from the European Union, stricter borders have been avoidedBut it has costs and consequences. More difficulties in trade, tariffs, controls, paperwork.

Northern Irish officials and businesses have gotten used to it, and while they have always said they would love some changes to make everyday life easier for citizens and companies, there is absolutely no appetite for a drastic decision. London, on the other hand, has been dependent on that exit, that smoke screen, for months. and the result of the election, which has given Sinn Finn for the first timeIt has become an excuse.

“The UK Government’s announcement to introduce legislation that will no longer implement the constituent elements of the Protocol raises significant concerns. First, because the Protocol is an agreed-upon solution to the challenges faced by the EU and the UK. ” The UK raises Ireland to withdraw from the EU for the island and protect hard-earned gains in the peace process. Second, because the Protocol is an international agreement signed by the European Union and the UK. Unilateral action that contradicts an international agreement is not acceptable. Third, because The Withdrawal Agreement and its protocol are essential grounds for a trade and cooperation agreementwhich the European Union and the United Kingdom have agreed to settle their normal relations after the return of the United Kingdom”, Commissioner maros sefkovicResponsible for negotiations with London after Michelle Barnier took care of the entirety of the divorce.

In a statement published this Tuesday, Sefkovic charged against the decision of boris johnsonBut take care of the language and accent. Nothing is lost yet and he hopes to redirect the situation. The EU has shown its stamina and patience on endless occasions, allowing changes, changes, adjustments, such as those affecting drugs, which could not flow as discussed before, but for which an exception has been made . But that’s never enough for London, which once again turns back on the signed works.,

Johnson’s position is clear: ‘We don’t like it, so we change it, no matter what’s agreed’. They want to force change in the European Union, which is convening a European Council in two weeks to force its 27 leaders to address the issue. British Foreign Secretary, liz trusshas made it very clear to Westminster what they want.

“The challenge is that this solution requires a change in the protocol itself, as its current term prevents it from being implemented, but the EU mandate does not allow the protocol to be changed,” he said. Here it is: They want 27 to change the mandate of the commission’s negotiators There is no appetite, no victories and more and more boredom to implement changes, but in the EU. There are more serious concerns than this, beginning with war in ukraine, The Irish Question, which was supposed to erupt in November, has been pacified but now it returns with force after the elections.

“If the UK decides to proceed with a bill disabling the constituent elements of the Protocol, as the UK Government announced today, the EU must respond with all measures at its disposal. Our overall objective is to be combined in the framework. The solution is to find the protocol. This is the way to ensure legal certainty and predictability for people and businesses in Northern Ireland,” warned the commissioner.

Sanctions or Responds in Arbitration, Resources, Infringement Process and Commercial Sections They can be unavoidable if there is no compromise agreement. Questioning the basis of the commercial agreement signed after Brexit, but entirely conditional on London honoring the agreement, is something Deeper has never been more interested in doing.

The EU could invoke articles 770 and 779 of the trade agreement, in particular, and destroy the current framework, this would be the harshest option and it would immediately roll back the tariffs and virtually end bilateral cooperation . It can suspend some specific parts, but it is also complicated and slow. or, more likely, Could swiftly retaliate at sea in cases of fishingFor example, something that can be done in a few days.

“With political will and commitment, practical problems arising from the implementation of the Protocol in Northern Ireland can be addressed. The European Commission is prepared to continue its role, as it has done from the outset”, reiterated the Commission, recalling all the flexibility offers made during these months, not meeting the United Kingdom every time it would go the other way. time limits, did not implement the promised legislation or unilaterally extended the transition period, not being able to put complex mechanisms into practice, ensured that they worked on a day-to-day basis We do.

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