EuroLeague: Barra-Real Madrid in the last four: pending accounts, historical emergencies and a curse | Euroleague 2021

Barcelona – Real Madrid (9 pm, DAZ)


For the fourth time in history, the Blaugrana and the Whites meet in the Euroleague semi-finals: the winner always loses the final later. Jasikevicius has won the last five doubles matches against Lasso

Jasikevicius, Mirotic, Lasso and Tavares with the trophy in Belgrade.
Jasikevicius, Mirotic, Lasso and Tavares with the trophy in Belgrade.Euroleague
  • lal His love story and record with The Final Four

They challenge again at the Stark Arena in Belgrade (9:00 p.m., DAZN), wound up with scars in the semi-finals of the Final Four. Once again Barra and Real Madrid, Real Madrid and Barra, as fate had entangled them, scolded like Roman gladiators in front of animals in the Coliseum. History says, like a curse, that the train accident leaves only the victims, momentary smiles. So it was in three instances on the coast of the Euroleague final, the winner going to be the loser two days later.

This happened in 1996, when European champions Madrid, when the Euroleague was still a FIBA ​​competition, lost their throne in the semi-finals in Paris. Paul Lasso It didn’t matter on the pitch, as the unforgettable (and illegal) stopper along the way vankovic I ended with Bara. Again in 2013, however, the injury would be Madrid in London, which lost in the final against Olympiacos. Like last time, a year later in Milan. However there was another compliment to the script here: a white beat in the semifinals, a painful defeat in the final against Maccabi and, a few days later, ACB for Barra in the game’s most difficult moments. Lyssum,

But the past doesn’t matter, they all say, and fate cannot be avoided, although Anadolu Efes and Olympiakos on the other hand rub their hands (first semifinal, 6:00 p.m., DAZN). What matters is hunger and settlement of bills. many have madrid conversation jasikeviciusThe man who came to turn an era, defeating Lasso in the last five matches until he derailed his team like never before, in 11 of the 14 he played in Barra as coach Aya (on her two feet as a player) neither balance is wrong: 12-7).

For Saras, who realized his weaknesses in the quarterfinal series against Bayern in which no one thought he could finish fifth stake, he worries. They are getting hungry and hungry and we have to fight it, he warns, noting the precedent: I don’t think you can forget what happened, you have to learn from it. We have to think about what we did right and what we did wrong. Because they come with favorite bands that provide these figures, first place in the regular season and a squad rumble that has recovered. Corey Higgins In time – his great choice, dante exumhas also been fine, as Kyle Kuriko-, which a. is supported by laprovitola inaccessible, in the knowledge of calathea -The name only Lasso was praised in the preview: he is a point defender who controls the game a lot and generates a lot. We have to try to lower his record-, into the mighty interior of Brandon Davis and Sertac Sanli And that yesterday, to complete it, saw the Euroleague grant nico mirotic Award of MVP of the course. Tavares (Madrid), Vezenkov (Olympiakos), Mike James (Menaco) and Shane Larkin (Efes) completed the ideal quintet. He is also a Barca player rocas jokubatis Received Rising Star Award for Best Youth Kyle Hines (Milan) The one with the best defender, Vasilije Michik (Efes) Alfonso Ford maximum scorer and Georgios Bartzokas (Olympiakos) Best coach.

I understand no one believed a month ago, but we haven’t stopped believing, Lasso announced, also looking at arms in his seventh last four out of a possible nine: only Obradovic and Messina He has stepped on these lands many times. And then in Belgrade, in an appointment that has similarities with the 2018 title. Madrid attended both amid doubts. Four years ago we played the semi-final with CSKA and the final with Fennerbass. We weren’t big favorites, but fabian talker I played great. Everyone has to contribute and a player with three or four minutes on the court can be crucial, warns Vittoria’s man who retrieves Rudy Fernandez who lost his father a few days ago. and who keeps Thomas Hertel and a Trey Thompkins Who was the hero of that tenth.

Classic in a complete semi-final. Madrid are looking for their eleventh crown, with Barra, who lost the last final, their third. Continue in the hiatus after a decade of lassi or throw down the change of cycle once and for all. And with the pressure of the band, even at the club level. For Azulgrana, a title he has not won since 2010 would mean sustaining a year of football misery; For Madrid, the potential for a historic double, at the cost of what happens in Paris in 10 days.

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