EuroLeague: Barra’s tough hangover and Jasikevicius’s doubts: “I don’t know if this team needs another coach”. Euroleague 2021


Following the allegations against his players on Thursday, the Lithuanian admitted his team’s problems were once again doomed in an attack on the long-awaited Euroleague.

Mirotic and Jasikevicius during a match against Madrid.
Mirotic and Jasikevicius during a match against Madrid.pedja milosavljevicAFP
  • semifinal Real Madrid’s double resurgence, Mirotic’s disappointment and another charge from Jasikevicius

The Azulgrana hangover was tough. And nothing decides the bitter and absurd dish of the match played against Olympiacus on Saturday for third place. In the blink of an eye, his whole sight was confused. And suddenly all the ghosts of the past came back, by Eto Garca Rennes, VrankovicAbout the bad luck of two titles in 16 matches in the Final Four, the last time in 2010. Already in the second half to revive it when it lost 13, to overcome the biggest crisis told about Lassimo, to repeatedly disappoint Real Madrid.

Everything is relative, of course. The defeat of the eternal rival in the final against Efes will give a more powerful respite to the next ACB. But the thorn in the EuroLeague is not so easily removed in a team created by and for a team. Trains don’t pass that easily and that’s already two spent bullets and millions in the garbage.

conversation jasikevicius It was the man – Mirotic barely stayed with Euroleague television – who sparked controversy on Thursday night with his recurring allegations against his players. For your lack of professionalism. On Friday, before his training at Stark Arena, he was soft. He still had not discovered the cause of the failure, although the most frequently repeated word was propensity to murder. Especially the lack of “You have to kill the opponent,” repeated the Lithuanian, who said on his couch: “I don’t know where the solution is. I don’t know if this team needs another coach.”

His players, despite the fights and public ridicule, seem to be chasing him to the death. And some even buy your speech. The captain spoke that line. “There are things you’re right about. We didn’t have killer intentions and the second time around we didn’t either,” he said. Pierre Oriol, as well alex abrins He talked about not starting “in the third trimester with the right mindset.” “It’s not just losing a game, it’s losing an entire season’s work,” admitted the forward.

“The state of mind is very bad,” admitted Sars, who must already be thinking about next season ahead of Tuesday’s Endesa League playoff against Gran Canaria. again there will be budget cuts and, as it happened Build’s Clever Last summer, some of his figures would have to drop. what seems most obvious is Brandon DavisWhich they keep in Efes or Milan. Dante Exum The contract also ends, as roland smuts y hes,

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