EuroLeague: Cosur, Shashwat Squire, who is already the leader of Real Madrid. Euroleague 2021

Real Madrid – Maccabi (Viernes, 20:45, DAZN)


The French shooting guard, who had arrived five years earlier and was already important in the tenth, orders a reaction of the Whites against Maccabi. This Friday they are on WiZink. I’m looking for 2-0

Cosur, against Evans, during the mi match
Cosur, against Evans, during Wednesday’s game.EUROLEAGUE.NET
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There was a defining play. In the midst of the agony, of that ghost of other people’s return, Maccabi did not give up, a split ball. And, like lions, three targets on the ground, Hanga, Cosur and Rudy Fernandez That he was also injured in his wrist in that fight (it’s doubtful for today, second round against Maccabi at WiZink, 8:45 p.m., DAZN). For Paul Lasso, the action that filled him the most. Because it shows lost communication, collective will, a source of hope for Real Madrid.

But the proper name, who was with four fouls in that mud—he left shortly after, expelled, with five, and with Wijink’s overwhelming cheers—was fabian talker, Sometimes a hero has to be surprised in advance. Though perhaps the big news this time around is that the shooting guard has established himself as the legendary leader of the team he had joined five years ago, turning down even other offers.

It was not signed with much fanfare in the summer of 2017. I didn’t come from one of the European giants though in bros Bamberg Andrea Trincheri He was crowned Bundesliga MVP. He was reminded of the proficiency of his left hand in Basconia, penetrations that were so difficult to prevent. his girlfriend from madrid luca aycart, now a wife, who was already the mother of his daughter Valentina, also had something to do with his arrival in the capital. But he was more of a reinforcement for the second unit, a class for Rudy and Lull. He then admitted, “The hardest part was finding a place in such a good team that had so many qualities. And I wanted to give something special to this team.”

And it is true that he never insisted on making too much noise, although it was already important for the tenth victory that season. In that final against Fenerbahçe, his moment was only captured by Luka Doncic. 17 points, that defense on Slokas, that explosive third quarter. Although he, always a brash, friendly and sympathetic man, remembers two free throws left in the abyss, Trey Thompkins’ aggressive counterattack prevented him from committing suicide. “You saved my ass,” he told the power forward.

“He always does important things”

“I always admire Fabian,” Lasso admitted after the first round against Maccabi. There are days when he plays better and days when he plays worse, but he always does important things for the team. I Never consider him a secondary,” Lasso admitted after the first round against Maccabi, where the Frenchman was infected. Balance From the very beginning. Firm 20 points (four triples), four rebounds, five assists and each break on the bench coincided with a Hebrew return.

That ability to generate from the fringes that Madrid plays for so much this season has become even more apparent when Cosour has been absent. Last December, after being infected with the coronavirus, a man from Brest had to spend an extended period of time in dry dock due to some complications and as a precaution. Later, he missed the Cup final after suffering an injury in the semi-final against Tenerife and did not return until the end of last March. Absence in the midst of a storm of bad consequences.

Cosur’s scoring average in the Euroleague is no more than nine points, but he is the white player with the best percentage of three, flirting with 50%. In times of trouble, guaranteed. again without deck With the mission to visit Tel Aviv this Friday and 2-0 up, Real Madrid entrusts themselves to a talent that is immense. Fabian has also been instrumental in the unification of his compatriots (Poirier, Yabuselle, Hertel…) in the dynamics of Real Madrid.

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