Euroleague: Fabian Cousur, a twist of fate and the secret of a brilliant maturity: “I’m not the best, but…” | Euroleague 2021

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The Frenchman, a benchmark for Real Madrid demanding today’s eleventh European Cup, against Efes, had already stood out in 2018: “Lasso has confessed to me that he was not going to play me”.

Kosur during the semi-final against Baru
Cosur during the semi-final against Barra.Nikola Krustic/MB MediaWorld
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There are players who write history without giving themselves too much importance, people who make headlines and not headlines. fabian talker (Brest, France, 1987) always had the label of compliance. A low profile reinforcement from five years ago, with experience, with his left foot as a differentiating element. The pay isn’t too high to cash in on a deep workforce. But the accessory, luxury, insists on being the opposite. Quietly, as he repeated in his last training session ahead of Real Madrid’s final at Stark Arena on Friday. And without losing a smile.

Because Fabian smiles when asked. That confidence is probably the key to the triumph of her stubbornness, with the heights she idolizes. Once again Belgrade, once again a man of the Final Four. It’s those games where you give your all in 40 minutes, you can’t think of the next thing as a playoff for five. This is my attitude. I’m not the brightest on the team, I’m not the most anything, but I give it my all… and when you’re right, it helps, he said, to know that’s probably the end of his career. The big day awaits him, a candidate for an MVP who is already employed.

that yes, in front of me will be Larkin and Micic, “A challenge, very different against Bara”. “They play a little more freely. They have these two point defenders who are very aggressive in 1v1 and they are important. To have options we have to put in a team effort, a collective defence”, I imagined on Thursday. With the decline of who scored 18 points and the confirmation of who will still be needed more williams-goss,

Four years ago, the star of only Luka Doncic He shone more in that final against Fenerbahçe. He stole from him an MVP he could boast about: He scored 17 points and missed only two free throws in the abyss—saving the offensive rebound. Trey Thompkins– tarnished his feat. He had already scored two attempted triples in the semi-final against CSKA. It was only his second game in the Final Four, in which he debuted in Berlin in 2016 with Basconia always in the background.

“A house in Belgrade”

Also in the final White appointment with F4 Cosur was one of the few who were saved in the semi-final loss against CKSA in Vitoria: 18 points in 15 minutes. On Thursday, he did it again against Bara. He played really well in the last final four here and the first match was great. Man, I’d recommend you buy a house here, it’ll be all right, he joked Paul Lasso About his little right eye in the squad, the only one I mentioned in the last one, always admire him who pulled him out of more than one jam, as in the second game of the quarterfinal series against Maccabi (20) Points, four) triples, four rebounds, five assists…): For me, Fabian is never secondary.

Yesterday the Curiosity was revealed by the French, those eyelashes of fate that mark the race. “I didn’t know, but Pablo told me that in 2018 he wouldn’t ask me to play in the Final Four. In the end the change went well for him …, he admittedly with a blue-eyed look Smile. Because Fabian’s star isn’t one of those that shines first. I’m stepping forward every year, finding my holes without any noise. Slowly I’ve taken center stage. In a month I’m 35 years old and I am at a great level. It’s a matter of pride, it’s a lot of sacrifice, it’s a lot of training, a first come, go later, treatment… a lot of effort. With work you get good things, he Declared without a doubt: I am in the best moment of my career. I play better basketball now “There is more maturity in my game. I know exactly what I need to do, I better read the game to my teammates. I have improved every year and there are things you don’t learn without playing so many minutes. I’m glad, now you just go about having fun.”

Enjoy a boy whose contract expires in a few weeks, who gets pissed at his daughter Valentina, who walks around Belgrade with his mother Luca and her hat—I want to get that trophy for her — and which was also fundamental in the locker room adaptation of the French to come. For example, he took on the responsibility of making the phone call poirier To convince him a year ago to sign for Madrid. Other types of baskets.

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